We landed. 10 hours of mostly boredom punctuated by long periods of boredom.  As we navigate our way across 2300 miles of Russia in a scarce 6 days on unknown roads, there will be trees, more trees and a few more trees for scenery. Even if there is actual scenery, our timeline is such that […]

The day arrived that we could not imagine would ever come. Launch day. Of course, we had been planning for this adventure for months, but it was definitely surreal. One year ago, we were having dinner and I threw out the crazy idea of doing the Mongol Rally and we are currently on the plane […]

“If speed is a priority, Flash can have a significant impact on Big Data and Analytics. Real-time, sub-second response times and streaming ingest are use cases which need an IT infrastructure designed and built around fast data. Flash is a critical component to a fast data analytics architecture.” Says Mark, Laughlin, KeyInfo director of enterprise […]

by Mark Laughlin – Director of Enterprise Technology, Key Information Systems, Inc. When considering which data to consider in order to make informed and accurate business decisions, there are 7 biases that can cause inaccuracies and bad decisions that must be considered: 1) Confirmation Bias Confirmation bias occurs when there’s a desire to prove a […]

Running late to a meeting because your computer can’t connect, a traffic light is out or your flight was cancelled to a computer malfunction? These things happen every day, glitches in the system, many of which can be prevented or mitigated by having a plan. Back-up and recovery plans (BaaS, BRaaS, DRaaS) can mitigate huge […]

Transformation KeyInfo needs highly reliable, scalable, high-performance technology to meet its clients’ needs for running mission-critical workloads in a hybrid cloud. At the same time, the technology needs to be cost-effective. IBM has enabled the firm to differentiate itself with customizable services, based on enterprise-grade servers and storage.   “Providing enterprise cloud services on IBM […]

By Mark Laughlin, director of enterprise technology at Key Information Systems MSPs need to be ready for the hybrid cloud era by becoming full-service, hybrid providers for their clients.                 Companies expect more than an out-of-the-box solution when they partner with a channel pro. When you thoroughly understand […]

KeyInfo’s president Lief Morin makes Mongol Rally journey to Mongolia to benefit Make-A-Wish KeyInfo’s president, Lief Morin, is preparing for the journey of a lifetime.  He and his friend will travel across 7,500 miles of amazing terrain to Mongolia during the Mongol Rally 2015, all to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation. Stay tuned for details of […]

Software defined networking means you need to look at the network from a policy-centric view, which is a dramatic change from traditional network management by Clayton Weise June 17, 2015 I remember the conversation I had when I completely broke our CEO’s spirit; we were talking about Open Stack deployments and some of the things […]