Yesterday was a slow news day. The countdown of both time and miles is in place and Rosie’s engine continues to be strong. If there is only one part of this monstrosity that is solid, it is the engine. We have talked with a couple of folks along the road who have mentioned that they […]

by Clayton Weise, Director of Cloud Services – KeyInfo In the first part of our blog about cost reductions for enterprises , we outlined four areas, including disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS), analytics, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and IT consolidation. In the second part of our blog, we take a look at how companies can proactively take steps […]

We woke with sunlight glowing through the windows on all three sides of the room. The room did not have drapes; which is odd, especially when dressing. The Innkeeper, Ava, is very nice and provided some good feedback on potential activities in Copenhagen. Her husband, Billy, is equally as engaging and recommended something bizarrly off-the-wall. […]

Here we are in the midst of summer: warm sun, adventure is in the air and anything is possible.  Here at KeyInfo we encourage our team to take a break and come back strong and it pays off!  Great things are happening here.  Many of us have had adventures that brought us back to seeing […]

The Vasa Museum was everything it was hyped up to be. It is the number one attraction in Stockholm for a reason. We got there before the crowds and had complete access to every part of the facility. The 1620s salvaged warship is magnificent in every possible way and the presentation is compelling. Spoiler alert! […]

So this blog will end up one day short, thus I have declared this the official 17 ½ day – kind of like the 7 ½ floor in the movie Being John Malkovich, which is as bizarre as this journey has been – or perhaps moreso. We drove into the gigantic ferry like a whale […]

Personally, I am still struggling with the decision to not push for Mongolia. Without a doubt it was the right decision, but I have not passed through the five stages of grief yet. I am not yet at acceptance. It doesn’t help as we read the continuing adventures of other teams. Of course, they have, […]

I have cleverly renamed our trip the Half-Mongol Rally, for that is about what it shall roughly end up being. We woke up promptly at 6am so that we could miss all of the Saint Petersburg traffic, which is second only to Moscow traffic (in Russia at least). Our gear was packed so it took […]

Before the meat of today’s entry, I’d like to highlight the idea that Jon and I continue to find interesting moments even in the most pedestrian of environments. As we were walking towards a landmark here in St. Petersburg, we passed a man with three monkeys and a parrot. There was yet another man with […]

by Clayton Weise, Director of Cloud Services – KeyInfo CIOs and their teams are always in cost-savings mode. “Do more with less” is the general mandate, and IT teams can’t afford to skip a beat. There can be no loss or slip in performance. However, with new advances in virtualization, cloud computing and mobile networks, […]