It’s been a fabulous summer here at KeyInfo with our team enjoying family time and a corporate zip-lining event in between earning new certifications, building new solutions and getting ready to show our clients what’s next.  While our President, Lief Morin was on his Mongol Rally adventure to raise funds for Make-A-Wish, we were all […]

  VMworld 2015 is fast approaching and KeyInfo will be there to discuss the latest in virtualization and cloud technology with other IT experts and thought leaders from around the globe.  VMworld provides the perfect forum to discuss the latest trends and solutions surrounding the cloud era.  Here you can explore how to build your […]

Is KeyCloud DRaaS right for your company? Come to one of our workshops August 25th or 26th and find out how KeyCloud can help with your DR plans! Spend a few hours with KeyInfo experts Clayton Weise, Director of Cloud Services and Robert Pryor, Sr. Manager of Professional Services to discover how KeyInfo’s DR solutions […]

Top 10 Reasons to Use Flash Storage Increase competitive advantage with faster analytics and long-term savings High performance and Low latency processing time for complex data and operations Low power and cooling consumption reduces operating costs Durable solid state technology.  No moving parts, no single point of failure Quick deployment speed and simple management features […]

Flash storage is here to stay whether its in our handheld devices or the data center at the office.  It’s fast, convenient, inexpensive, but how do you know which one? Choosing the right flash solution may still be challenging.  When solid state storage first emerged it was somewhat cost prohibitive to some but the performance […]

There have been so many things that we have seen, so many images, so many people, so many moments; all too abundant to write about or photograph or in any other way describe. This is the essence of travel; to break routine and dramatically change your surroundings. This happened in spades. Aside from missing our […]

This final entry is supposed to be a summary. A profound writing the neatly wraps up the entire journey into a tidy consumable package for everyone, ourselves included, to feel warm and fuzzy about; a tying up of loose ends – a resolution to all that is unresolved. Instead, this is a beginning; or perhaps […]

The next-to-last day and some of the day before that were more about winding down the adventure than any particular unplanned events. To start, Bruges is an awesome classic European city with waterways, old buildings and architecture, and staying true to its Belgian roots, full of chocolate dispensaries. I use that term specifically, because there […]

The journey is the adventure… I guess it never occurred to me that there is so much corn in Germany. And The Netherlands. And Belgium. But there is. A lot of it. Hundreds of miles of corn farmlands line the highway providing a glimpse of the US heartland cornfields on this penultimate drive. Jon and […]

Yesterday was a slow news day. The countdown of both time and miles is in place and Rosie’s engine continues to be strong. If there is only one part of this monstrosity that is solid, it is the engine. We have talked with a couple of folks along the road who have mentioned that they […]