In an article written by KeyInfo President, Lief Morin, for IBM’s Smarter Computing Blog, he discusses how KeyInfo tackles client cloud demands as a IBM Power Systems provider.  Lief points out that most conversations with KeyInfo clients, these days, are in relation to hybrid cloud. KeyInfo is uniquely position to meet today’s enterprise business needs, […]

What’s Wrong With Your Business Continuity Plan? It’s out of date! Does your plan guide you on how to recover if your Hollerith Machine fails? Does it reference departments or divisions that no longer exist, or where procedures have changed considerably in the last few years? Documentation is a work loathed by many, but none […]

by Bob Sorace, Senior Network Engineer Once upon a time I was a technology trainer for an IT company I’m sure you’d recognize but now I’m part of a highly skilled and certified team at KeyInfo. True story. The one thing I could never understand was the disparity in certification policies between IT companies. Some […]

As the leaves begin to turn beautiful colors and we reflect on summer, more good times are just ahead.  KeyInfo has been very fortunate to have participated in several great articles about Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS), Analytics as a service (AaaS) and Hybrid Cloud over the past month. How to Pick the Best […]

How do companies manage data today?  We tend to keep so much historical information and when we run out of capacity, we add more disks.  When applications slow down and backups take longer we upgrade infrastructure.  This all adds to cost, risk and complexity.  According to IDC, 30% of the typical IT budget is spent […]

by Chris Ticknor, Director of Marketing – KeyInfo VMworld 2015 was set in San Francisco, the lion’s den of global technology manufacturers, techno geeks and infrastructure gurus. VMworld was all about a brave new model of IT through VMware and meaningful dealings that will transform millions of lives and exchange billions upon billions of dollars. […]

by Bob Sorace, Senior Network Engineer – KeyInfo The Value of “Doing the Math” and Having a Trusted Partner Who Will Work Beyond Assumptions to Deliver the Best Solution. Recently, I was asked to validate a configuration for a client who was looking to implement a new network segment to support a specific application. The […]

by Robert Pryor – Sr. Manager, Professional Services Last week KeyInfo hosted a KeyCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Workshop in both our Agoura Hills and Irvine facilities. This was our latest installment in our technical workshop series and it was another great event. The workshop was around Disaster Recovery and some of the […]

Flash-based storage offers great speeds for today’s databases and big data analytics.  What else should you consider?  How will it be used? How many times? By whom? Flash-based storage arrays are more common than ever for enterprise data centers because Flash is nonvolatile solid-state memory used in devices ranging from thumb drives to solid state […]