We had a solid night’s sleep in a solid air conditioned room. For about $100 a night, The Bishop’s House Hotel in old city Prague is an awesome bargain. It is about halfway between the old Castle and the Astronomical Tower, both highlights of Prague. Jon and I wandered the cobblestone streets and across the […]

This is the end of the first full week. And what an end it was. I can’t remember a day in my life that was so full of non-stop adventure. It begins with a nice quick breakfast at Hotel Artushof. This hotel is a great hidden gem of Dresden; only a little off the beaten […]

Committed to the task as a devoted father, husband, friend, photographer and so many other roles, Lief Morin has real passion for many things, most importantly the people in his life both at home and at the office.  Though you might think he’d have a career as a photographer or a writer because he captures […]

Early call after a noisy night. The light rail train in Karlsruhe ran along the street underneath our hotel third floor room.  Eventually as this trip continues, we may get used to the heat, but not today. Anyway, we gathered our stuff and went down to the car park. The car needed oil having burned […]

On this day we had a solid taste of our adventure. Spontaneity. Accomplishment. Challenge. Fun! The hotel we stayed in last night was a strange combination of cultures, events, business travelers. The lamb the previous night was delicious and the hotel had run out of twin rooms so we ended up with two rooms and […]

This is the official start. The day of reckoning. The Alpha Prime. Although our adventure started several days ago, the starting line was crossed today. I wrote the last blog entry from my tent on 6% battery after midnight with a 6am wake up call. I do not apologize for its brevity. We made some […]

There was a grand tragedy! Apparently Apple issued an update to iTunes last weekend and it reduced my entire iPhone library of over 9000 synced songs down to about 500. Al of my music summarily erased and now on a long journey without even a single AC/DC song. Those !@#$%^&*! Then, our two main plans […]

We left the window open to cool the room overnight as we slept. Although it imparted the great benefit of free air conditioning, the riotous and obnoxious sounds of seagulls bickering woke us up at 4:30am. It was a fitful night anyway as our bodies struggle to adjust to the massive time shift. We had […]

We landed. 10 hours of mostly boredom punctuated by long periods of boredom.  As we navigate our way across 2300 miles of Russia in a scarce 6 days on unknown roads, there will be trees, more trees and a few more trees for scenery. Even if there is actual scenery, our timeline is such that […]

The day arrived that we could not imagine would ever come. Launch day. Of course, we had been planning for this adventure for months, but it was definitely surreal. One year ago, we were having dinner and I threw out the crazy idea of doing the Mongol Rally and we are currently on the plane […]