We like to wait a little while before giving our thoughts on new releases, acquisitions and other technology happenings. You can never really tell how something’s going to work out until it’s had a little time to come together. Keeping with that tradition, we thought now would be the perfect time to check in on […]

  Those of us in IT are often brought into the loop on problems after it’s too late. How often have you been called to an issue that has already taken up resources and caused pain? It can be frustrating, it’s inefficient and it’s clearly not the best way to use valuable resources. The goal […]

News Roundup For more than 80 years, IBM has worked to innovate information technology through systems, software, storage, microelectronics and industry leadership. Beyond its longevity, the company earned its reputation by supporting a range of industries, verticals and customers – and it continues to lead. Below are some recent stories highlighting IBM’s work to advance […]

It’s hard to believe, but the concept of hyperconvergence is no longer new. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) models and solutions are now a legitimate way to wrangle cost savings and efficiency out of your data center. Of course, as with any technology some hiccups are discovered on the journey from the bleeding edge to the mainstream. […]

[Video – See why we leverage Helion OpenStack in our own cloud and our client’s environments] For most organizations today, the question of moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud has evolved from if to when. The cloud’s agility, scalability and speed advantages are just too great to resist if an organization wants to stay competitive […]

The enterprise data center is under constant pressure to provide better performance under increasingly complex data conditions. Not only must local infrastructure become smaller and more integrated, but it needs to provide seamless connectivity with both the cloud and emerging IoT platforms that support a wide variety of applications and workloads. Fortunately, most enterprises have […]

It’s amazing how different areas of technology progress in different ways and at different speeds. If you brought a network engineer from the mid-1990s to the present, she would likely be in awe of everyone taking photos with their smart phones and reading the Internet while walking into people on the street. If you sat […]

Network security has never been more difficult. Between the different types of threats and the sheer number of devices now connected to most organizations’ networks, it’s enough to make IT and security officers long for the days of paper documents stored in file cabinets. Of course, there are many more ways to defend and leverage […]

Calculate the costs of downtime on your business using our calculator powered by Zerto BC/DR. DRaaS. RTO. RPO…you’re probably asking yourself, “is this even English? What am I reading?!?!?” Yes, it’s English…and they’re acronyms that are crucial to the recoverability of your data and the fiscal health of your organization. Business continuity and disaster recovery […]

I rarely go to the bank anymore, and I’ll bet you rarely do, either. If I’m right about you, we’re part of a growing trend among financial services customers. We want more from our financial institutions, and we want it delivered digitally. Have to pay a utility bill? We schedule it for electronic transfer online. […]