The sheer amount of data companies deal with is overwhelming. There’s data that’s actively used for business intelligence insights, data needed for compliance and dark data, like older files and information that should probably be eliminated. As data increases and the ways companies use it become more complex, data centers face an increasing number […]

Now that technology has evolved to the point where all three pillars of data center hardware infrastructure – servers, storage and networking – can be implemented in software, the enterprise is eager to build a fully abstracted end-to-end data environment. This software defined data center (SDDC) presents a number of opportunities for improved flexibility and […]

Achieving a successful technology transition is by no means an easy endeavor. IT affects virtually every facet of the business today, and shifting to a new cloud-based environment can be a major undertaking fraught with challenges. For example, there’s the need for workers to learn new ways of doing things, cultural issues that might arise, […]

The title of this post sums it up nicely: convergence is, in fact, where it’s at. The amount of data that companies are inundated with is increasing, literally, by the day. Storing and making the best use of this data, along with the other complex tasks your IT department is tasked with, requires a different […]

When the mandate for electronic health records (EHRs) came down a few years ago, the healthcare IT industry did what most of us do when we have to swallow bitter medicine – they moved as fast as possible to get it over with. Today, medical professionals rely on fully digitized systems to treat patients, and […]

For many organizations, the concept of artificial intelligences (AI) might still sound like something that’s off in the future – even though it has been explored and talked about for many years. In fact, companies in a variety of industries are already using the technology to get more value out of their data resources. In […]

The 9th Annual Arizona Technology Summit is less than a month away and KeyInfo is proud to be hosting one of the afternoon panel discussions. The summit takes place on September 13th with the theme “Expanding the Frontiers of IT and Security.” It serves as a great place to obtain the right tools and make […]

What is Hybrid Cloud? The hybrid cloud started out as a groundbreaking innovation, interesting to only the most technical crowd. Just a few short years later, the numbers on hybrid cloud adaption are striking. According to Rightscale, approximately 75 percent of companies were making use of hybrid cloud as of 2016. It’s not a pie-in-the-sky […]

Companies are constantly trying to get an edge. This is especially true in IT, where every dollar, every person-hour counts. We’ve seen it basically since IT was invented. From file cabinets that were color-coded and slightly more efficient than their gray-only predecessors to moving critical operations to the cloud, and everything in between, IT has […]

Here’s the thing about data center outages: you probably won’t see them coming until it’s too late. Whether the source is a malicious attack (like ransomware) or a technology failure (due to human error), an outage leaves your system in gridlock. For high-availability industries, including finance, healthcare and media and entertainment, downtime directly translates to […]