Enterprises approach transformation for their data centers with the lessons from applications and workloads that have stretched their budgets and tried their patience in the past. Teams know that the changing landscape will require a new compute strategy that also takes economics in to consideration. HPE’s ProLiant Gen9 servers help IT managers tackle a few […]

Today, a cloud strategy is a priority for nearly every organization and IT professional. Deploying workloads in public cloud and hybrid cloud environments can cut costs, increase an entire team’s efficiency and productivity, and give an organization the space necessary to focus on strategic, high-level goals. However, not every organization – or service provider – […]

When it comes to your network, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. These days, a rogue typo or a cyberattack can wipe out availability for entire customer bases. Aside from unexpected emergencies, enterprises can struggle with mapping networking and IT resources to stay ahead of growing offices, distributed networks or simple human error. […]

Smartphone. Laptop. Tablet. Wearable. Chances are you have at least two of these devices. In fact, according to the Global Web Index, digital consumers usually own 3.64 connected devices. And there’s even a greater chance that you probably have one of these devices, like your smartphone, on you at all times. And you don’t need […]

These days, IT is all about the cloud, as organizations in a variety of industries look to increase the agility and efficiency of their data centers and at the same time keep technology and energy costs under control. Like many data center technology providers, HPE has been focusing on the development of cloud-based solutions, as […]

“Machine learning is 20 percent fun, 80 percent elbow grease.” This is what one client told Dinesh Nirmal, vice president of analytics development for IBM Analytics. There’s no doubt about the fun part. Machine learning promises to revolutionize many aspects of IT. It’s that other 80 percent you don’t hear much about. At its recent […]

Anyone involved in the technology side of business is well aware of the explosive growth of data over the past few years. Most things you read about this growth cite statistics about the sheer amount of data that companies, and their IT departments, are dealing with. While that’s true, how does this growth affect your […]

The “as-a-service” model isn’t new. There’s software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and even platform-as-a-service. Most companies are familiar with these technologies and the benefits they provide. The next wave of as-a-service technologies is just as exciting. Backup and recovery as a service (BRaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) are two, in particular, that offer a lot […]

Is your organization considering an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployment? If not, maybe you should be seriously thinking about such a move. Here are five signs your company might be ready for IaaS: The data center is old and unreliable. Many organizations are likely operating years-old data centers that are well past the point of reliability and […]

We’ve all seen the alarming statistics about data growth and how much time and energy enterprises spend to deal with that data. Here are some numbers to add to the pile: IDC determined that 30 percent of a typical organization’s IT budget is spent on data storage. What’s more is that a typical company also […]