Key Information Systems is proud to accept the award for Business of the Year 2017 for the City of Agoura Hills. In an interview with the Mayor, President Lief Morin proudly accepts the award and discusses KeyInfo’s local presence. Mayor Denis Weber was quoted saying, “Our annual State of the City event is the […]

Recently, I’ve noticed a shift in conversations about hyperconverged infrastructure. It’s not that they happen less often – quite the opposite – or that the meat of every discussion has changed. The difference happened slowly, but looking back, it’s striking: I don’t need to start every conversation with a definition about what “hyperconvergence” truly means. […]

Do you feel like your data storage costs keep eating up more and more of your IT budget? You’re not alone, and, more importantly, you’re not wrong. According to IDC, 30 percent of a typical organization’s IT budget is spent on storing data, as of 2015. If that sounds like a lot, consider it’s likely […]

With the number of virtualized compute resources and workloads continuing to increase, it’s inevitable that organizations worry about how to protect all those valuable, virtualized resources. Fortunately, VMware created VMware NSX virtual networking with micro-segmentation. “Micro-segmentation” is pretty big word for a fairly simple idea. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Traditional networking and […]

Let’s face it. Backups are generally a thankless job and the consequences for getting it wrong can be grave. A successful backup implementation requires more than just a safe place to store your backups. It requires a full evaluation of your current environment, a personalized architecture and a proactive plan to monitor and manage your […]

At this point, Flash in the data center isn’t cutting-edge news. The concept has been around for a couple of years and proven with companies of all sizes. That doesn’t mean, however, that everyone is on board and comfortable with it. We get it. The tried-and-true technology can be difficult to give up. Now that […]

  The sheer amount of data companies deal with is overwhelming. There’s data that’s actively used for business intelligence insights, data needed for compliance and dark data, like older files and information that should probably be eliminated. As data increases and the ways companies use it become more complex, data centers face an increasing number […]

Now that technology has evolved to the point where all three pillars of data center hardware infrastructure – servers, storage and networking – can be implemented in software, the enterprise is eager to build a fully abstracted end-to-end data environment. This software defined data center (SDDC) presents a number of opportunities for improved flexibility and […]

Achieving a successful technology transition is by no means an easy endeavor. IT affects virtually every facet of the business today, and shifting to a new cloud-based environment can be a major undertaking fraught with challenges. For example, there’s the need for workers to learn new ways of doing things, cultural issues that might arise, […]

The title of this post sums it up nicely: convergence is, in fact, where it’s at. The amount of data that companies are inundated with is increasing, literally, by the day. Storing and making the best use of this data, along with the other complex tasks your IT department is tasked with, requires a different […]