Anyone involved in the technology side of business is well aware of the explosive growth of data over the past few years. Most things you read about this growth cite statistics about the sheer amount of data that companies, and their IT departments, are dealing with. While that’s true, how does this growth affect your […]

The “as-a-service” model isn’t new. There’s software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and even platform-as-a-service. Most companies are familiar with these technologies and the benefits they provide. The next wave of as-a-service technologies is just as exciting. Backup and recovery as a service (BRaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) are two, in particular, that offer a lot […]

Is your organization considering an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployment? If not, maybe you should be seriously thinking about such a move. Here are five signs your company might be ready for IaaS: The data center is old and unreliable. Many organizations are likely operating years-old data centers that are well past the point of reliability and […]

We’ve all seen the alarming statistics about data growth and how much time and energy enterprises spend to deal with that data. Here are some numbers to add to the pile: IDC determined that 30 percent of a typical organization’s IT budget is spent on data storage. What’s more is that a typical company also […]

When IBM CEO Ginni Rometty took the stage at the company’s PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in February, something she said about the digital landscape struck me as incredible – as “The Incredibles,” actually – like the Pixar movie about the family of super heroes. Rometty was noting the rise of digital, its increasing ubiquity and what […]

On January 1st, IBM launched their newly redesigned PartnerWorld program to help IBM Business Partners develop expertise and higher-value solutions for their clients in the Cognitive era. The new, four-tiered PartnerWorld program moves IBM and its Business Partners from a product-centric model to one focused on competencies, customer satisfaction and revenue. As part of the […]

Compliance is more than just a buzzword. It’s a critical effort for organizations across industries. These organizations lean on IT to help with technologies that are supposed to make compliance easier. When placed on top of IT’s already heavy workload, however, compliance tasks can become a bit overwhelming. An added layer on top of compliance […]

Contact: Metis Communications Justine Boucher, 617-236-0500 Key Information Systems Achieves Platinum Status in Newly Redesigned IBM PartnerWorld Program IBM Platinum Partner Status Demonstrates Excellence in Delivering High Value Cloud and Cognitive Solutions AGOURA HILLS, Calif.–Key Information Systems, Inc. (KeyInfo), a leading cloud and infrastructure provider, has achieved Platinum status in IBM’s new PartnerWorld program, […]

As cloud computing settles further into mainstream IT, cybersecurity and ransomware have become top-of-mind for every business across the industry. TechTarget defines cybersecurity as the body of technologies, process and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Although many organizations are aware of cyber threats that can […]

When our IBM i series clients start thinking about tech upgrades, disaster recovery or higher availability, the conversations typically head to the cloud – fast. These are the five questions enterprises tend to ask, and the answers we give to help them make smart decisions about the future of their app hosting. Do you offer […]