Backup and Recovery as a Service

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KeyCloud BRaaS is a fully managed backup and recovery solution for your mission critical data. It includes the software, offsite storage and support – all in an enterprise-grade cloud environment that provides massive scalability, and guaranteed restorability. With KeyCloud, you can rest assured your most important data will always be protected and available, without the hassle of managing it yourself.

BRaaS – SoCal Tech
BRaaS – SoCal Tech

Our Technology

We partnered with Predatar, Veeam and IBM’s Spectrum Suite of products to ensure that our client’s data is always safe and protected. By designing and building these solutions into our cloud portfolio, we harness enterprise reliability, performance and optimization, coupled with the cost-competitive advantage of the cloud. KeyCloud Backup and Recovery as a Service not only provides our clients with a reliable place to store their critical data, but also offers a fully-managed solution that allows them to focus on what’s important to their business.

BRaaS – SoCal Tech
BRaaS – SoCal Tech



At KeyCloud, we believe in full transparency with what we are delivering. Our self-service portal provides clients with a way to check on the status of any backup, view historical information and trends, and provide peace of mind that their data is in good hands. When logging in, it’s easy to see the overall state of the environment as well as the ability to drill into any specific backup job within seconds.

Data Stored

With KeyCloud BRaaS, we make it easy to see what data is being actively backed up, what data is being archived for compliance and how your usage is trending. In just a few clicks, you are given access to a dashboard that provides numbers on overall use, in addition to helping nail down which backups are using the most storage and need to be adjusted.

Data Transferred

Since cloud backups replicate the data to an off-site location, knowing your data growth is an integral part to ensuring backup windows are met and your data is protected. KeyCloud’s backup and recovery dashboard puts all this information at your fingertips, allowing you to be proactive about the data growth in your business and ensures your backups are completed on time.

Internal Charges

With KeyCloud Backup and Recovery, we customize our plans to fit your needs in areas such as regulatory compliance, retention policies and budgets. We are able to do this by creating logical groups for your systems and assign backup policies to them. By managing through policies, new systems can seamlessly be added to these policies and inherit all of their requirements.

2 Month Free Trial Offer

Let’s face it. Backups are generally a thankless job and the consequences for getting it wrong can be grave. For that reason, our staff is involved in every step of the process – from evaluating your current environment, to architecting the backup solution and managing it on a daily basis. Unlike other cloud offerings, we go beyond just providing a safe place to store your backups. Our certified administrators oversee the status of your backups and will proactively monitor and manage them to makes sure that your systems are always protected and that data is always available. The most important part of your backups isn’t just taking the backup, but making sure your ability to restore and recover is guaranteed.