CISCO ACI Case study

The Cisco Nexus 9000 and Cisco ACI allow us to rapidly provision applications for our clients, It’s the perfect mix of control and scalability.

Clayton Weise | Director of Cloud Services, Key Information Systems, Inc.


  • Improved Services Delivery: Standardized operation in agile infrastructure simplifies client operations, increases efficiencies and can be provisioned in days rather than weeks.
  • Reliable Performance and Scalability: Spine-and-leaf architecture expands easily with non-blocking architecture to prevent bottlenecks.
  • Expanded Management Options: Can modify customers’ cloud performances by controlling networking hardware, instead of focusing on storage and compute resources.

Keyinfo™ solution

  • KeyInfo’s ACI implementation provides customers with an easy-to-use graphical interface that helps avoid costly configuration errors associated with legacy, difficult-to-configure networks.
  • Cisco© Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) simplifies application network provisioning with policy-driven services and automation.
  • Cisco ACI and Nexus 9000 switches support secure multi-tenancy at the hardware level.
  • KeyInfo’s ACI implementation avoids performance degradation common to software-defined networking (SDN).

the Next-Generation Automated Data Center

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches bring new, industry-leading performance, power, port density, and open programmability
innovations. Nexus 9000 delivers proven high performance and density, low latency, and exceptional power efficiency in
a broad range of compact form factors. Operating in Cisco NX-OS Software mode or in Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) mode, these switches are ideal for traditional or fully-automated data center deployments.

On-premise IT consumption models are shifting to cloud-based services and IT as a service (IaaS) is supplanted by applications as a service. Separate development and operations are moving toward integrated development and operations (DevOps).

Box-centric management models are migrating to application-centric management. Business agility requires application agility, so IT teams need to provision applications in hours instead of months. Resources need to scale up (or down) in minutes, not hours.

Traditional approaches take a siloed operational view, with no common operational model between the application, network, security, and cloud teams. A common operational model delivers application agility, simplified operations, assured performance, and scale.

Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) in the data center is a holistic architecture with centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles. ACI delivers software flexibility with the scalability of hardware performance.

high performance and flexibility

CISCO NEXUS 9000 Series Switches

  • Price: Industry-leading price per port for 10- and 40-Gbps density systems
  • Performance: Industry-leading performance with full line-rate nonblocking 40-Gbps performance
  • Port density: Leading port density, with 288 ports of 40-Gbps connectivity per 8-slot chassis
  • Programmability: Leading suite of programmability features to enable emerging networking models, including first-generation SDN, automation, and development and operations (DevOps) solutions
  • Power: The most efficient chassis in its class, consuming up to 15 percent less power per port than competing solutions