Five Signs It’s Time To Consider IaaS

Infrastructure as a ServiceIs your organization considering an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployment? If not, maybe you should be seriously thinking about such a move. Here are five signs your company might be ready for IaaS:

  1. The data center is old and unreliable. Many organizations are likely operating years-old data centers that are well past the point of reliability and efficiency. The IT infrastructure is basically monolithic and lacks redundancy. With an IaaS offering from a service provider, organizations can leverage a pool of highly redundant, cloud-based servers and storage available in custom configurations to fit their needs. IaaS provides the reliability as well as the efficiency not available with a traditional data center.
  1. Your company needs to comply with regulations. Some IaaS offerings are designed to comply with a range of government and industry regulations. If a company in healthcare, finance or other regulated industries is considering a data center upgrade, this is important. The service provider should continue to obtain and maintain compliance certification such as SSAE 16 (SOC II) and HIPAA compliance requirements.
  1. Scalability is vital to the success of your business. Many companies are growing fast, and their existing IT infrastructure can’t keep up with demand for computing power. IaaS can address this challenge with services designed to be highly scalable. In fact, one of the biggest features of the cloud is the ability to scale when needed. One way to do this is horizontal scaling, which provides the ability to scale wider to deal with traffic. It’s the ability to connect multiple hardware or software entities, such as servers, so that they work as a single logical unit.
  1. Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies need an upgrade—or don’t exist. BC and DR are vital for any business, no matter how large or small. And yet for some organizations, the provisions in place are not adequate in the event of a business outage. Maybe they haven’t been tested, or are out of date and not cloud-enabled. IaaS provides the BC and DR capabilities every business needs today. These hosted services provide a completely stable environment, both in production of BC and DR mode.
  1. Your company is looking to cut costs and reduce risk. How many organizations are not looking to decrease costs and lower risk? IaaS is designed to help clients reduce their IT administration costs, decrease ongoing costs for maintaining servers and other equipment, and eliminate capital expenditures. These cloud services are far more efficient than traditional IT infrastructures. They also help companies manage business risk by providing sufficient redundancy and backup, as well as cyber security.

Companies such as Key Information Systems can help organizations deploy and maintain an IaaS solution, building an IT infrastructure that provides the backup, recovery and disaster recovery options that best fit the needs of the business.

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