IBM InterConnect: Differentiation in the All-Digital World

IBM InterconnectWhen IBM CEO Ginni Rometty took the stage at the company’s PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in February, something she said about the digital landscape struck me as incredible – as “The Incredibles,” actually – like the Pixar movie about the family of super heroes. Rometty was noting the rise of digital, its increasing ubiquity and what that means in the competitive landscape. She said:

“We have been talking about becoming digital for some time and it remains a great opportunity for those who have yet to take that step. But digital is not the destination. When everyone gets to digital, who wins? Everyone has the same advantage.”

Here’s where that Pixar reference pops up. When a jealous nemesis invents tools to give him the powers real heroes are born with, he tells the legit superhero, “Everyone can be super! And when everyone is super, no one will be.

Whether you’re talking about data or animated heroes, you have to consider the table stakes. IBM now sees digital as the first step toward more powerful capabilities. As Rometty said at PartnerWorld, “Cognitive will be the differentiator. Cognitive will impact every decision we make in five years.”

We expect to hear more along these lines at IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas from March 19 to 23. The 2016 event focused heavily on cloud data services, open analytics, cognitive computing and the Internet of Things. Expect to see more updates this year on how IBM is helping enterprises wrangle these demands.

IBM is also clearly looking for strategic ways to make deploying cloud and cloud migration as streamlined and secure as possible. The company’s recent news about its partnership with VMware to advance hybrid cloud adoption, as well as last year’s cloud customer wins with companies like Bitly, set the stage for an interesting 2017 InterConnect.

The event will include general sessions, keynotes, breakout talks and hands-on training on many topics, from Internet of Things to security. Cognitive technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, however, will likely dominate.


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Author: Drew W.
Key Information Systems