Backup and Recovery as a Service

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A fully managed backup and recovery solution for mission critical data

 KeyCloud includes the software, offsite storage and support – all in an enterprise-grade cloud environment that provides massive scalability, and guaranteed restorability. With KeyCloud, you can rest assured your most important data will always be protected and available, without the hassle of managing it yourself.

2 Month Free Offer

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KeyCloud BRaaS

Your business is on a mission in a hybrid universe. It needs to maintain velocity while knowing it’s protected and can restore every step of the way. In that case, KeyInfo is your mission control.

Cloud Backups and the 'Air Gap'

For the concept of backups, anything cloud in nature, is not in your data center, giving you the advantage of an offsite copy of that data. This is where the idea of what’s called the ‘Air Gap’ comes into place, an impenetrable space between you and your data.

KeyCloud Backup and Recovery Differentiators


At KeyCloud, we believe in full transparency with what we are delivering. Our self-service portal provides clients with a way to check on the status of any backup, view historical information and trends, and provide peace of mind that their data is in good hands. When logging in, it’s easy to see the overall state of the environment as well as the ability to drill into any specific backup job within seconds.

Data Stored

With KeyCloud BRaaS, we make it easy to see what data is being actively backed up, what data is being archived for compliance and how your usage is trending. In just a few clicks, you are given access to a dashboard that provides numbers on overall use, in addition to helping nail down which backups are using the most storage and need to be adjusted.

Data Transferred

Since cloud backups replicate the data to an off-site location, knowing your data growth is an integral part to ensuring backup windows are met and your data is protected. KeyCloud’s backup and recovery dashboard puts all this information at your fingertips, allowing you to be proactive about the data growth in your business and ensures your backups are completed on time.

Internal Charges

With KeyCloud Backup and Recovery, we customize our plans to fit your needs in areas such as regulatory compliance, retention policies and budgets. We are able to do this by creating logical groups for your systems and assign backup policies to them. By managing through policies, new systems can seamlessly be added to these policies and inherit all of their requirements.

10 Benefits of Cloud-Based Backup and Recovery

When it comes to backup and recovery, enterprises are realizing that not all data is created equal. By offering a consultative approach and a client portal for ease of visibility, reporting and transparency, KeyCloud offers numerous benefits of moving to a cloud-based backup and recovery solution.

Flexi-Van Keeps Trucking with Cloud Backup from KeyInfo

Flexi-Van looked to Key Information Systems’ expertise for a new backup system. After running several other less-than-reliable backups solutions after the process of completely virtualizing its systems, Flexi-Van needed a technology partner that could provide stability for hardware and software, as well as strategy for cloud workloads.

KeyInfo Delivers Hybrid Cloud Data Protection at Enterprise Scale

With data volumes and complexity growing rapidly, how can enterprises maintain reliable, cost-effective protection and rapid recovery for their mission-critical data and virtual server landscapes? Using IBM Spectrum Protect with Silverstring Predatar, KeyInfo provides fully managed, hybrid cloud data protection solutions for business clients with strict recovery and compliance requirements.

KeyCloud Backup and Recovery (BRaaS)

No more sleepless nights. We’ve got the guts to take on your tedious backup processes.

Backup Recovery Ecosystem


Predatar transforms the proven reliability and reputation of the IBM Spectrum Protect solution into a unique cloud, analytics, mobile and social combination that is used to differentiate, deliver and grow data protection services.


Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup, replicate and restore from the cloud. Get virtual machine (VM) backups and replicas off site without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure.

IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect enables advanced data backup and data recovery for virtual, physical, cloud and software defined environments, as well as core applications and remote facilities.

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Veeam Gold Partner
IBM Platinum Mark

Eliminate Your Stress from the Backup and Recovery Process

KeyCloud Backup and Recovery as a Service benefits:

  • Simple user interface
  • Single view of backup health and reporting across the organization
  • A consultative approach
  • Automatic transfer to KeyCloud’s data center
  • Replication utilizes deduplication strategies to minimize the impact on your corporate network
  • We monitor your backup
    • Maintain the human element
    • Only alert you on what matters
  • We have a client portal for ease of visibility, reporting and transparency
Backup Recovery Diagram

User-Friendly Dashboards

A simple single-pane interface for your backup and recovery solution

Backup Recovery Dashboards
  • A connected consumer portal provides a clear window into the performance and costs of the backup system for users and stakeholders
  • Informed by metadata KeyCloud BRaaS uses the public application interfaces (APIs) to rapidly provision servers and automate recovery
  • Records incident management patterns and automates actions including backup re runs, provisioning and fault diagnosis
  • Support for global time zones allows administrative collaboration across multinational installations
  • Backup professionals are given the means to segment capacity and performance data by server groups, node groups, chargeback groups or back service catalogues

Solutions Provider

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