Mar 08 2017

Key Information Systems Achieves Platinum Status in Newly Redesigned IBM PartnerWorld Program

IBM Reseller Platinum Business PartnerOn January 1st, IBM launched their newly redesigned PartnerWorld program to help IBM Business Partners develop expertise and higher-value solutions for their clients in the Cognitive era. The new, four-tiered PartnerWorld program moves IBM and its Business Partners from a product-centric model to one focused on competencies, customer satisfaction and revenue. As part of the new PartnerWorld program, IBM has awarded a select few Business Partners with the program’s highest honor, the Platinum tier. The Platinum tier recognizes Business Partners who have consistently demonstrated proven capabilities and expertise in IBM technologies to help their clients succeed in their digital transformation.

Key Information Systems is proud to announce that we have achieved the Platinum tier of the PartnerWorld Program.

The Platinum level is designed to recognize partners that consistently deliver the highest level of excellence. Organizations achieve the Platinum level by earning at least two competencies (one at the Expert level), attaining significant sales success, demonstrating client satisfaction and verifying two client references.

“The new PartnerWorld program is designed towards ultimate simplification to help our partners both large and small succeed and drive velocity in high growth areas like cloud and cognitive,” said Marc Dupaquier, general manager, IBM Global Business Partners. “By achieving the Platinum level, Key Information Systems has shown its commitment and expertise in delivering client solutions with the power to transform businesses in the cognitive era.”

More recently, Marc Dupaquier took the stage at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2017 in Las Vegas, to discuss KeyInfo CEO Lief Morin and the success the company has had as an IBM Business Partner.

“I’d like to share one of those stories about a partner who is here to win. And that’s a partner in California, named KeyInfo. I met with Lief a few days ago and we had a very interesting dialogue. He was looking at Flash very early. In fact, he was a Flash partner even before we acquired TMS. He saw the vision here and how the storage market would be changing… The vision he had was ‘I don’t want to be a storage reseller anymore.’ What he decided to do was to take the cloud opportunity, not fight it, and literally become a tech company providing information capabilities. As part of that, he was able to sell storage, on-premise and in the cloud, as part of a hybrid solution, and by building the architecture. He is doing very well and is one of our best sellers on Flash.”

See more about how we lead the transition to hybrid in this eBook, “The Hybrid Cloud Architect’s Guide to the Universe.”

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Author: Drew W.
Key Information Systems