Maximize your Data Currency with IBM Flash Storage

Flash StorageThe World Economic Forum has said that data, like currency or gold, is now an economic asset. IT organizations have certainly gotten that message. Fifteen or 20 years ago, for example, companies had to spend big to buy prospect lists from outside vendors peddling questionably accurate data. But over the past decade or more, businesses have been compiling that data themselves, and their historical interactions with customers hold far more value to them than any generic list ever could. This homegrown data is gold to marketing, sales and other stakeholder teams. This is where IT organizations get their current data mandate: whatever you do, don’t get rid of anything.

The average business today has huge databases, huge data mining challenges and huge access issues. IT teams are still hanging onto older, spinning disk technology for archival purposes, but when they want to query massive data stores quickly, they are pushing for better options. This is the starting point for many of the flash storage conversations we have with clients.

As flash price points have come down, we see more clients wanting to leverage this technology for faster response times. When you see a query response time drop from nearly an hour to ultra-fast results, or batch jobs drop from days to hours, it’s hard not to immediately understand the benefits of a faster architecture. While we don’t generally recommend flash for backup (it’s still an expensive media for archival purposes), we do see clients enjoying flash benefits in every other scenario. Non-sequential loads get better performance. Small, random transactions benefit because you’re not waiting for an arm or platter to spin to collect the data. Flash is a fast, efficient, secure option more data center leaders are asking for.

We recommend the IBM Flash family of all-flash storage arrays, which we also use in the tiered storage architecture of our KeyCloud enterprise cloud service. IBM Flash clearly recognizes the data-as-currency reality, with microsecond response times that reflect the speed of data-driven business. If you’re looking to process massive quantities of information rapidly, and in a manner that helps security applications detect threats and enforce controls, ask us about IBM Flash.


Chris Parker
Systems Engineer

Key Information Systems, Inc.