Mythbusters takes on DRaaS and BRaaS

DRaaS and BRaaSThe “as-a-service” model isn’t new. There’s software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and even platform-as-a-service. Most companies are familiar with these technologies and the benefits they provide. The next wave of as-a-service technologies is just as exciting. Backup and recovery as a service (BRaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) are two, in particular, that offer a lot of potential gains for organizations that adopt them.

Disaster recovery and backup and recovery, after all, aren’t core competencies for most companies. DRaas and BRaaS provide efficient solutions to these issues while saving your IT department time and your company money. Since these technologies are a bit newer than their as-a-service counterparts, there’s still a fair amount of confusion and misinformation about them in the marketplace. We’re going to give a couple common BRaaS and DRaaS thoughts the “Mythbusters” treatment, and get you the real info on how they can help your business.


Myth: BRaaS can’t assure regulatory compliance.

Compliance is a tricky issue. There are so many different initiatives out there that it can really be difficult to keep track. In this regard, it’s tough to say that a solution can assure compliance. Looking a little more carefully, and realistically, there are a few major regulations that many companies deal with: HIPAA, PCI, SSAE-16 and the like. For these regulations, BRaaS can absolutely help with compliance. For example, we have a compliance area that deals specifically with helping clients with compliance, and we partner with providers like HPE to help provide services that assure your company becomes, or stays, compliant.

Based on our services, solutions and partners, we think this myth is… busted.


Myth: BRaaS and DRaaS don’t work with some major technologies.

No solution is going to work with every technology. But that’s not really the question here, right? What most clients are wondering is whether BRaaS and DRaaS work with the major technologies most organizations use to do business. KeyCloud, our BRaaS solution, is compatible with VMware, Cisco, AIX, IBM i, Windows and Linux, to name just a few.

So, can we guarantee our BRaaS will work with absolutely every technology? Of course not. But, are we pretty sure we can run just about anything you want to? Yes. (And if you have a question, just ask.)

We, therefore, consider this myth… busted.


Myth: DRaaS can’t guarantee recovery time.

You know the thinking – with on-premise disaster recovery you are in control. You own the servers, you own the data center, you know what the system can do and how long it will take to recover from an outage. When you move to a DRaaS model, you cede that control.

That’s the exact wrong way to look at it. When you move your disaster recovery to the cloud, you actually become more secure in many ways. KeyCloud DRaaS, for example, not only guarantees recovery time within minutes, it also offers a full testing suite to help you prepare for any outage that might occur. You also free your company from investing resources and money in equipment, locations and personnel.

There’s no doubt about it, this myth is… busted.


Do you have other DRaaS or BRaaS myths you have questions about? Ask us.

Clayton Weise
Director of Cloud Services

Key Information Systems, Inc.