Public Sector Overview

Cities, counties, universities, colleges and schools are all focused on improving the alignment of administrative operations with technology plans and projects. The goal is to deliver better service to their constituents while improving the efficiency of their operations.

Over time, public sector agencies have implemented a diverse array of technology infrastructure across their organizations and are now working to consolidate and standardize; to reduce the number of unique platforms thereby reducing support costs; migrate away from specialized platforms; implement basic services via cloud and “as a service” offerings.

Key Information Systems has a long and successful track record delivering the technology solutions that are integral to our government and education clients and can help in the following ways:

  • Reduce duplication of HW and SW
  • Implement new technologies to gain capability or reduce ongoing cost
  • Virtualize existing server and storage
  • Enable secure mobility and remote access
  • Reduce IT resources required to support existing applications and allow redirection of valuable resources to new business solutions
  • VDI
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Mobility
  • EHR
  • DR and Business Continuity

State, Local and Education Clients in Arizona

Now You Can Buy IBM Products Without an RFP!

Key Information Systems is now your certified NASPO ValuPoint source for IBM hardware and software products in Arizona. NASPO, the new program that replaces WSCA, enables you to bypass the RFP process and choose a certified NASPO partner like KeyInfo for your IBM purchases. Simply choose the products you want, make your purchase order out to IBM and include the state contract number and Key Information Systems as your business partner of choice and you’re all set! KeyInfo will help you with any and all details from product choice to setup.

For more information about available IBM products, pricing and specifics about the NASPO program, visit the IBM NASPO Website or contact us.

Cloud and Virtualization

The widespread adoption of cloud-based services has sparked considerable change in public sector organizations. The movement to the cloud has been seen as an opportunity to address critical issues such as email services, ERP and SaaS. Many organizations have been virtualizing servers for years and are implementing virtualized desktops for cost savings and efficiency.

KeyInfo specializes in implementation of virtual desktop infrastructure. We can assist our education clients with the implementation of a virtual desktop environment for use within shared computer labs and to support the desktop needs of staff.

Enabling Data Center Consolidation

KeyInfo understands that the complexities of government and education institutions are typically greater than commercial enterprise and we have the knowledge and experience to tackle any project. Each school, division, and department within any given institution has often grown its own IT, and has dedicated resources and staff to maintain that infrastructure. Frequently consolidation makes tremendous sense, from both a budget savings standpoint and in many cases even to free up precious physical space across the enterprise. Shifting IT environments to cloud based technology; whether public, private or, hybrid clouds; allows institutions to enable high availability and improve resiliency and disaster recovery.

KeyInfo’s disaster recovery (DRaaS) solution and KeyCloud solution offer strategies for archiving older data sets to cloud systems in order to free up internal resources. KeyInfo can build a customized hybrid cloud solution that offers the best option to retain control over some of your data and computer processes, while moving other data and functions out of your limited environment.

Big Data and Analytics

Big data and analytics may offer the public sector organization an opportunity to provide constituents more personalized services in an efficient way. Building Big Data and analytics capabilities in your organization requires careful planning to be successful in the long run, and IT executives need to understand best strategies for supporting these new environments.

Today’s IT environments require intelligent, integrated and persistent enterprise-wide data views. Key Information Systems offers data federation platforms to unify, correlate, and manage enterprise information assets. These “All Data” management platforms are the optimal solution for data security, governance, and insights. These next generation technologies establish the solid data quality foundation for Analytics – accessible, consistent, accurate and timely data.

Cyber Security

Protecting against cyber-attacks and threats from both inside and outside the organization is certainly not unique to the public sector. It may now seem obvious that cyber security is a priority for every enterprise but the perception has been that most public sector agencies have not been high value targets. However, the same vulnerabilities that have plagued retailers and large companies also threaten public sector organizations.

The challenge is providing adequate security while still being able to deliver a high level of service across dispersed systems. KeyInfo can address these issues and expand the discussion into security for a hybrid-model.

Public Sector - cyber security
Public Sector Video


Public safety and campus security are significant issues for cities, schools and higher education institutions across the country. Video and data analytics are solutions that public safety agencies are leveraging to provide an added level of protection. Video monitoring software and hardware are becoming more prevalent as a way to not only monitor areas of concern, but also as a way to collect large amounts of data, analyze that data, and implement preventative measures based on the results.

These emerging solutions go far beyond replacing a burned out walkway light, to identifying predator patterns and behavioral recognition. While public sector institutions are consolidating data centers and servers, smart data storage and data management for created content and video is a top concern. This type of video and data collection requires large amounts of processing and storage capacity that must be factored into IT strategies and resourcing. KeyInfo offers flash storage and solutions perfect for handling sensitive and useful video storage.