Strategic Alliance

IBM Netezza DW and Analytics platform attains precise decision making capabilities thru analytics while lowering cost and optimizing resources……as well as increasing your database analytics performance by orders of magnitude:

What are the benefits?

  • High Performance: 10-100x the performance of traditional DW and Analytics technologies – we can and will prove it at your site with your data
  • Simplicity: No Tuning, No Indexes, One Day Installation, Quick Time to Value - instant production, reduce human resource, quick time to value and ROI
  • Low Cost: typically less than half the TCO of traditional solutionslower Capex product pricing and near minimal Opex costs
  • IBM Netezza is the worldwide leader in Data Warehouse Analytic Appliances, combining storage, processing, database and analytics into a single system that delivers 10-100x the performance, and at one-half the cost of other approaches.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data -
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Big Data-Business Analytics

Over 450 companies worldwide, across all industries, have deployed IBM Netezza Analytics technology to better understand their customer behavior, optimize networks,identify fraud, adhere to regulatory mandates, implement targeted marketing campaigns, plus many other analytics applications to make improved business decisions. They’ve selected IBM Netezza largely because of its simplicity and performance advantages, allowing companies to incorporate previously unattainable, and even unimaginable, Multi-Dimension and Predictive Analytics modeling into their daily operations.


IBM Netezza Big Data Business Analytics


Speed Clinical Big Data Analytics and Cut Costs with IBM Netezza