Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Overview

Guaranteed performance is an integral component of running enterprise-class infrastructure and should be a core component of any enterprise hybrid cloud provider with clients whose businesses depend on continuous availability.

KeyCloud Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

KeyInfo President Lief Morin talks Enterprise Hybrid Cloud at IBM Systems VIP Roundtable Event

KeyCloud Enterprise Cloud Services

When our clients choose KeyCloud™, they can be assured of the highest levels of performance and availability due to the integration of the VirtualWisdom platform.

Private Cloud – offers the same flexibility and breadth of services available in a few clicks from a public provider, but with dedicated equipment and on your terms. KeyInfo can custom design cloud infrastructure to fit your exacting standards whether it’s in your datacenter, or ours.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) -delivers the performance you need in a highly flexible and scalable model. KeyCloud™, unlike other IaaS providers, is built to enterprise standards for enterprise-scale workloads.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) traditionally sits at the base of a cloud computing pyramid that may also comprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) and  Software as a Service (SaaS), with the amount of client control over the virtualized IT resources decreasing as you ascend the pyramid. In a typical IaaS deployment, the service provider manages everything below the hypervisor layer (the server, storage and networking hardware and its virtualization), leaving the client to handle operating system, middleware and application deployment on self-service virtual machines that can be ‘spun up’ on demand, usually via a web-based dashboard.

Neat definitions rarely fit the real world, of course, and the lines between SaaS, IaaS and PaaS are becoming increasingly blurred. Choosing the right IaaS provider is the most critical decision a business makes when deciding to move to the cloud.

KeyCloud™ is ideal because we offer best-of-breed infrastructure and we maintain direct control over it.

Private Cloud Services

Private clouds deliver the performance you need in a completely customizable model that can be built to suit nearly any require­ment. With the flexibility and services of a public cloud but with the dedicated equipment, security, performance, and peace of mind of a private data­center deployment; private clouds bring the best of both worlds.

Long before the term “cloud” was entered into the lexicon, KeyInfo™ was building and designing them for our clients. The deployment of a private cloud requires knowledge and expertise not only in servers, network, and storage infrastructure, but also datacenter construction and design. Private clouds offer the same expansive features but with a greater degree of control for performance and security.

Private clouds don’t always mean on-premise; KeyInfo™ can deploy your private cloud at your datacenter or ours, including hybrid configurations that allow “cloud bursting” to public clouds when needed. Our staff can evaluate your current systems, workloads, and applications to provide feedback on what is best suited for public, private, hybrid, or a non-cloud deployment.

Let KeyInfo design an enterprise hybrid cloud solution that best fits your needs.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud - Managed Services

Enterprise Managed Services

Cloud Services

Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) – Reliable, high-speed synthetic full and incremental backups as a service take place daily to backup data securely to KeyCloud™. This highly flexible solution provides increased control for backup and recovery and can scale to fit nearly any organization’s specific needs.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – A customized data-mirroring solution can provide fast, efficient data replication and disaster recovery for critical systems. Data is securely distributed, enabling companies to continue operations without interruption. Testing, recovery and disaster recovery services can be included in this solution to provide true peace of mind in your disaster recovery plans.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – This solution leverages mission-critical functions and architecture, including storage, hardware, servers, and networking components, on a subscription basis.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – KeyCloud provides hosted applications that reside on Key Information Systems’ servers. Instead of installing in-house hardware, software, and servers, your enterprise can develop, test, and run applications more rapidly by leveraging the KeyCloud™ PaaS solution.

Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) – Safeguarding cloud-based data and Web applications is essential. KeyCloud™ provides 24x7x365 monitoring of cloud systems to ensure uninterrupted uptime, access, and security.

Advanced Monitoring Services – Get immediate notification of detected threats to systems and network infrastructure using Key Information Systems’ advanced monitoring technology. Real-time performance tracking and historical analysis evaluation are key benefits of this service. Our monitoring technology features industry-leading dashboards that quickly identify root causes of any performance issues within a company’s infrastructure.

Hosting Services – Our technology platforms and operating systems are built on years of IT expertise to provide reliable hosting. We configure and deploy specific technology requirements, operating systems, release levels, types of service, and network providers to deliver increased uptime and availability with reduced costs.

System Administration Services – Key Information Systems offers administration services designed to save your company time and money, with any server you choose. We streamline the administration process through server consolidation, and our storage architecture and security measures leverage a proven best-practices model. Your mission-critical information is protected by superior security, backup, and recovery solutions. While clients maintain control of their system’s operations, we execute system administration services customized for an organization’s specific needs.

Cloud Brokerage

  • Helion Marketplace
  • CIF
  • SoftLayer
  • AWS/Azure
Enterprise Hybrid Cloud