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Cloud Services

Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) Reliable, high-speed full and incremental backups take place daily to backup data securely to KeyCloud. This highly flexible solution provides increased control for backup and recovery, and is scalable to any organization’s specific needs.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) A customized data-mirroring solution can provide fast, efficient data replication and disaster recovery for critical information. Data is securely distributed across multiple servers, enabling companies to continue operations without interruption. Recovery and test/development services are included in this solution.

Cloud Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) Safeguarding cloud-based data and Web applications is essential. KeyCloud provides 24x7x365 monitoring of cloud systems to ensure uninterrupted uptime, access, and security.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) This solution leverages mission-critical functions and architecture, including storage, hardware, servers, and networking components, on a subscription basis.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) KeyCloud provides hosted applications that reside on Key Information Systems’ servers. Instead of installing in-house hardware, software, and servers, your enterprise can develop, test, and run applications more rapidly by leveraging the KeyCloud PaaS solution.

Systems Monitoring Services: Get immediate notification of detected threats to systems and network infrastructure using Key Information Systems’ advanced monitoring technology. Real-time performance tracking and historical analysis evaluation are key benefits of this service. Our monitoring technology features industry-leading dashboards that quickly identify root causes of any performance issues within a company’s infrastructure.

Hosting Services: Our technology platforms and operating systems are built on years of IT expertise to provide reliable hosting. We configure and deploy specific technology requirements, operating systems, release levels, types of service, and network providers to deliver increased uptime and availability with reduced costs.

System Administration: Key Information Systems offers administration services designed to save your company time and money, with any server you choose. We streamline the administration process through server consolidation, and our storage architecture and security measures leverage a proven best-practices model. Your mission-critical information is protected by superior security, backup, and recovery solutions. While clients maintain control of their system’s operations, we execute system administration services customized for an organization’s specific needs.


Featured Enterprise Managed Services Products


Cisco HPC Solution Stack for Financial Services:
High-Performance Trading

With ever-increasing automation of trading, firms in the financial services industry consider the building of low-latency, highcapacity infrastructures to be critical to stay competitive in capital markets. Under increasing pressure, financial markets must improve operating efficiency to stay competitive, control costs, and manage risk. These challenges, in addition to the rapid increase in electronic trading, have created a need for highperformance computing (HPC) environments in financial services. As the industry leader in networking, Cisco® delivers an unmatched HPC solution to address customer needs. The broad Cisco solution portfolio delivers high speeds, low latencies, open standards, and high system availability, allowing financial services customers to deploy the right infrastructure for their applications.


HP Apollo Systems

To solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, scientists, engineers and analysts continue to push the boundaries of performance, yet at the same time, scaling today’s systems to ExaFLOPS would consume roughly the output of Hoover Dam and take up the space of 30 football fields 1. Simply put, this is unsustainable, so HP has reinvented high performance computing (HPC) to change the performance to space and power equation.
The HP Apollo Family delivers breakthroughs in rack-scale performance, power and cooling in less space to find answers faster, in a more sustainable way than ever before.
  • The air-cooled HP Apollo 6000 System optimizes rack-scale performance for your budget, and makes HPC capabilities accessible to a wide range of enterprise customers.
  • The HP Apollo 8000 System is a supercomputer that combines high levels of processing power with a groundbreaking warm water-cooled design for ultra-low energy usage and recycling.
  • Comprehensive HP Apollo Services help make HPC more accessible through financing, assessment services, deployment, integration and Datacenter Care.

IBM Power 775 Supercomputer

IBM is offering the new POWER7® processor-based Power® 775 Supercomputer to accelerate high performance computing innovation in smarter computing projects such as climate prediction, medical and life sciences, financial services, petroleum reservoir modeling, and industrial design. The Power 775 Supercomputer is a highly integrated, densely packaged, high performance supercomputer in a rack solution, including compute nodes, storage, interconnect fabric and featuring energy efficient water cooling technology.

  • A massive scale-out high performance computing server that provides unparalleled capacity that’s been optimized for running large, highly parallel computationally-intensive workloads and algorithms
  • Application affinity for weather and climate modeling, computational chemistry, physics, computer-aided engineering, computational fluid dynamics and petroleum exploration