Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

Enterprise data storage solutions can have a variety of meanings depending on the size and needs of your organization. Enterprise storage typically addresses block, file and object storage. Creating an enterprise data storage solutions architecture helps to define, categorize and prioritize the exact needs. A common theme for all organizations is that enterprise storage must meet the business needs to securely store and retrieve data on the right tier at the right performance.

Flash Systems

Leveraging custom hardware and flash memory solutions is a smart way to accelerate analytical applications across an enterprise. With the increased storage efficiency of re-writable flash memory chips, this solution can help an organization like yours to support more concurrent applications and users with ultra-fast query-response times. The enterprise achieves shorter batch processing tasks and the ability to manage the full data lifecycle, while realizing substantial cost savings through policy-driven automation and tiered storage management. Flash systems are ideal for transaction-rich applications at the core of “Big Data” needs. KeyInfo has invested heavily in Flash technology and has several units in the Demo Center.  Call us today to schedule your workload into the Demo Center for a proof of technology.

Hyperscale Arrays

A breakthrough in enterprise data storage solutions and virtualization, hyperscale arrays offer a flexible alternative to server/array architectures in a traditional on-premise deployment. Configured with commodity hardware, these enterprise data storage solutions employ a scalable strategy to handle increased demand. Web services and cloud service owners of hyperscale datacenters are no longer limited to sourcing from traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Hyperscale arrays enable an organization to spread data across controllers in a redundant fashion, safeguarding the data from any individual controller failure, eliminating service disruptions. A multiple controller setup also distributes processing power across many devices, providing scale-out computing and storage for large workloads. KeyInfo™ has years of enterprise data storage solutions integration experience and can help you to sort out the technologies and best practices in creating a hyperscale strategy for your enterprise.

Data Storage Solutions - Advanced Services

Advanced Services

Cloning – enables an organization to leverage advanced services built into a storage array to copy a volume or LUN (logical unit number) automatically and transfer it to another platform or site for backup, reporting, and/or disaster recovery. Clones are full copies of the data and can speed up the development and test environments for your organization. There are also snapshot capabilities. Snapshots are archivable and not updated automatically when the original volumes or LUN is updated. Key Information Systems’ cloning and snapshot solution prioritizes efficient storage management, creating multiple copies while using only a percentage of required storage space. Advanced copy services includes the ability to make several copies of production volumes/databases and have different use cases, including end-of-month reporting, testing, staging, development, and backups.

Replication – requires setting up two (or more) volumes or LUNs that are paired to automatically update, so both are identical on two separate platforms in one location or two locations. Key Information Systems can help you setup the ability to replicate from site to site, with synchronous replication for minimal data loss. A write request is made to the primary copy and committed immediately. This requires network bandwidth and has a distance limitation. Users may also opt for asynchronous periodic replication — ideal for organizations looking to leverage available network bandwidth and create copies of data across vast distances. This solution can help an enterprise with remote migration services, remote backups, and log shipping. For IBM and NetApp solutions, it can be minimal changes at the primary site and KeyInfo can serve as your target site. You can leverage our systems to replicate certain storage volumes/LUNs in a safe and dedicated manner. KeyInfo can become an extension of your MPLS network, and your organization can leverage our existing systems for backup, staging, testing, and/or disaster recovery.

File Systems compression – optimizes an enterprise’s data storage solutions efficiency by reducing the storage footprint of data, compressing each file written to disk. Our solution includes NAS (network attached storage) and block storage compression that is built into the storage array. This technology operates between the storage device and network, performing on-the-fly lossless and transparent storage compression. This helps improve NAS and SAN capacity by up to 300%. Key Information Systems also provides compression that is built into IBM’s ProtecTIER solution that leverages hyperfactor technology and data deduplication. This solution is used for virtual tape technology and network shares.


More and more of our clients are asking for encryption based enterprise data storage solutions. There are several ways this can be addressed. First, we can use encryption technology via the storage network that will encrypt data that runs through the fabric. Companies like Brocade offer an encryption appliance. Another way to address encryption is by adding dedicated shelves to a storage array that encrypts and decrypts data as it is stored and used, companies like IBM and NetApp have encryption solutions. A third way is using tape encryption technologies. Tapes cartridges are encrypted. There are keys used to encrypt and decrypt data which requires key management. KeyInfo™ can help you identify the right technology strategy to meet for business needs.

Enterprise Data Storage Solutions - Encryption
Enterprise Data Storage Solutions In-Memory

In-Memory Database Solutions

In-memory storage is finally available at a price-point that makes for a great solution for heavy transaction-based workloads. SAP Hana is one of those areas that require the power of flash storage to meet the requirements. This is mainly for speeding up database indexes and better query performance. Another area that benefits from in-memory storage is desktop virtualization. Many clients are loading boot profiles into memory for the fastest login times and allowing for the largest number of concurrent users. KeyInfo™ has a great deal of experience and expertise in architecting enterprise storage solutions for database environments, this is an area you can count on our intellectual property to build the right solution.