Business Partner Innovation Center


Key Info's Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC)

IBM Business Partner Innovation Centers (BPIC) are ideal platforms to showcase IBM products and related solutions and services of Key Info’s technology partners. The BPIC’s expanded facilities support new teaming and collaboration opportunities between Key Info and clients for the planning and implementation of complex IT infrastructures.

This IBM-authorized BPIC provides access to important computer resources for Key Info clients and the business community. This powerful facility contains the latest computer hardware, software, and technical expertise in a single environment. The Key Info BPIC encourages visitors to view, test, and evaluate alternative IT strategies, select the right IT solutions, and configure a variety of systems to assess the performance of solutions being evaluated.

The Center provides the unique opportunity to conduct in-depth demonstrations/evaluations as well as Proof of Concept tests. This provides further opportunity for visitors to assess a wide range of IT options and to choose the optimum solution set to meet their specific requirements. Benchmarking software is available for measuring the impact on IT resources for solutions and configurations being evaluated. Staging and Preloading services then permit safe and complete integration testing within the environment of the BPIC before IT resources are delivered to our clients. The Center also takes advantage of unique formal methodologies at Key Info for staging the development of complex integrated solutions in the most efficient manner and preparing them for secure installation on client premises.

The Center’s facilities are available to any Key Info client and other members of the business community. Various avenues are available for contacting the Center and making an appointment for a visit. Clients may contact their Account Executive or Key Info technical contact for this purpose. Anyone can contact the Center directly at 818-737-2813 or

Overview of Innovation Center

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  • Business Continuity and Resiliency
  • Data Center Site and Facility
  • End User
  • Integrated Communications
  • Middleware
  • Security
  • Server Management
  • Storage Management
  • Strategy and Design
  • Technical Support Services