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For some time, traditional backups have used tapes for long-term storage. Fortunately, cloud backups have taken us out of the stone-age by affording us a much simpler process.

Cloud backups are valuable because they provide the same benefits your get from tape backups without having to manage the tape. Most importantly, the data is accessible in a way that isn’t normally possible with tape.

KeyInfo’s implementation of IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management helped Circle K eliminate hours of downtime and thousands of dollars in extra data storage costs.

With the new system, Circle K drastically reduced latency from eight hours to 11 minutes. Rather than requiring four hours to back up the data and another four to restore it, the accounting and finance teams regained their days of wasted productivity.

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Key Information Systems, Inc. is a leading regional systems integrator with world-class compute, storage and networking solutions and professional services for the most advanced software-defined data centers. For over a decade, KeyInfo has been a leading premier business partner of such leading technology providers as IBM, HPE, Cisco and more. We offer the industry’s best systems by combining advanced technology services and products, delivering bottom-line results and long-term business value for our clients. Choose a button below and see how KeyInfo can help you succeed with the latest technological innovations on the market.

KeyInfo is an infrastructure technology company that simplifies complex technology challenges, from IBM iSeries to the most advanced networking and hybrid cloud solutions. Our data center locations include:

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