2019: A year of increased adoption for existing technologies, including a storage throwback

2019 Storage Technologies2019 will be a bridge year. It may not produce any groundbreaking advancements in business technologies, but we will certainly see accelerated adoption of certain ones, like SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) and containers. There will also be some growth in older markets, in ways you may not expect. Here are some predictions I have for 2019.

Growth in container adoption will be a bridge to serverless computing

In the coming year, the mid-market can expect to see growth in the use of containers, on-premises. We may not necessarily see a straight commercial product available, but the benefits of containers vs. running virtual machines – lighter weight and more portable – will increase as a selling point and spur adoption. However, the end goal will not be widespread container deployments, but rather this movement will be a bridge to serverless computing. Cloud providers are already making significant investments in their serverless offerings, but containers will make a short rise while those solutions are made ready for commercial use.

SDN will see strong growth as an alternative to upgrading networking hardware

There have been incredible advancements in cloud computing, but the biggest laggard in this space has been the network. Despite innovations in storage, virtualization and containers, the network connecting it all has remained traditional. Allowing organizations to get around these limitations will be the performance capabilities of the internet and the enabling of software defined networking (SDN), specifically, SD-WAN. As service provider contracts reach their end, we can expect to see existing MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) deployments either get replaced or augmented by SD-WAN technology.

Tape will make a return

Organizations have finally gained a better understanding of how and where tape can be used as a cost effective manner that can be of benefit – archived data. As a result, 2019 will see a substantial increase in the deployment of tape for storage. However, it won’t be by organizations looking to beef up their on-premises capabilities, but instead by cloud providers as a cost effective alternative for their customers to storing backup and archival data long term. Storage manufacturers report their biggest buyers of tape are the big cloud providers. The reason is tape allows providers to offer long-term storage of data like video surveillance footage at a cost of less than a penny per gigabyte.

Cost of solid state drives will increase adoption

Now that every major storage company has data reduction or compression capabilities, solid state storage is now much more affordable. The cost per terabyte of flash-based storage has reached a level that makes it comparably priced to lower performing alternatives. This will lead to increased stratification and we will see the mid-tier, ‘performance’ level of storage moving to solid state arrays.

Area in which we won’t see growth – blockchain

The various industries will continue to evaluate the pros and cons of blockchain, but no breakthroughs in the technology will occur in 2019. Blockchain and cryptocurrency hit its stride this year, as far as hype. Industries such as a healthcare and financial services have been investigating how the promises of blockchain’s security can be integrated into their own technologies. We may even see a few applications adopt blockchain, but we will not see any big advancements in it in 2019.


Clayton Weise
Director of Cloud Services
Key Information Systems