3 ways to spend less on data storage (and get more value)

Data Storage Do you feel like your data storage costs keep eating up more and more of your IT budget? You’re not alone, and, more importantly, you’re not wrong. According to IDC, 30 percent of a typical organization’s IT budget is spent on storing data, as of 2015. If that sounds like a lot, consider it’s likely that 60 percent of your enterprise storage space is taken up by copies of data, leading to an untenable 85 percent of money spent on storage going to managing all those copies.

This is an inefficient way to spend precious IT resources, and it leaves less and less for the types of innovations and improvements we rely on IT to deliver. Luckily, this storage methodology is also outdated. There is no reason your company needs to fall in line with these statistics.

HPE helps solve this growing problem. Solutions like HP StoreOnce and HPE 3PAR StoreServ can help bring down costs in a meaningful way, freeing up your IT department to do what it does best. Here are three ways you can spend less on, and get more value from, your data storage:

  1. Ditch traditional backup: Raise your hand if you’ve had a backup process run for longer than 12 hours. Don’t be embarrassed; almost two-thirds of today’s backups run at least that long, according to HP. If that’s not bad enough, almost two-thirds of companies have a backup failure rate of greater than 5 percent. Solutions like HP StoreOnce and HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers can change the way you back up data, eliminating those painful hours and crossed fingers that the process will run successfully.
  1. De-dupe: An unacceptable amount of data storage spend goes toward storing copies. Features like HP StoreOnce’s federated deduplication solve this problem. It can be deployed across your entire storage architecture and works by eliminating the maximum amount of data redundancy while still maintaining a small index.
  1. Analytics, analytics, analytics: Why are you bothering to manage your data if you’re not going to get value out of it? Solutions like HPE Vertica can help provide insight into your data. Simple, scalable and fast, Vertica can run queries 50 to 1,000 times faster than traditional solutions, and it works with all the common BI/ETL tools. This gets you the insights you need, at about 30 percent of the cost of traditional solutions.

These are just three ways to get control of and make the best use of your data. By freeing up your IT department’s resources and money, you can then begin to make the best use of the insights your data provides.

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Scott Youngs
Chief Information Officer

Key Information Systems, Inc.