4 things you need to know about vSphere 6.5

Vmware Reseller - Partner / Solutions ProviderLate last year, KeyInfo partner VMware released version 6.5 of its vSphere solution. Now that it’s been out in the wild for a bit, it seems like a good time to check in to see what’s working and where users are really seeing gains. Without further ado, here are four of the new features that our clients have found especially beneficial.

  1. It’s simpler.

vSphere 6.5 improves the customer experience in a number of important ways. It starts with the vCenter Server Appliance, which is at the base of vSphere environments. In version 6.5, things like vSphere host management and file-based backup and recovery, as well as other features, are embedded in the appliance. This approach, where the key functionality is embedded in a single location, makes the technology easy to deploy and manage, and reduces operational complexity significantly.

  1. It’s efficient.

Data center efficiency continues to be a major issue. The simplicity provided by the vCenter Server Appliance – with no need to interface with multiple technology components – also drastically improves efficiency. The appliance boasts a 100 percent improvement in scale and a 200 percent bump in performance.

Of course, getting the efficiency improvements of a new product requires doing the upgrade, which can often introduce more problems than it’s worth. vSphere 6.5 promises a simple upgrade process, as well. Clients can simply move from the traditional Windows deployment directly to the appliance model with the vCenter Server Appliance Migration tool.

  1. It’s secure.

In today’s world, security is job one for IT departments. Efficiency gains and simplicity are great, but if they compromise the environment’s security then they’re largely a non-starter. vSphere 6.5 recognizes this fact and natively secures the three crucial areas of an environment: data, infrastructure and access. It does this at scale, through its simple, policy-driven model.

Another crucial aspect of security is analyzing potential attacks and threats. That’s where vSphere 6.5’s improved audit-quality logging features come into play. With enhanced information on user actions, IT can have a better grasp on what users were doing, and when and where they were doing it if a security threat comes up.

  1. With predictive DRS, it’s exciting.

We saved this one for last because it is, arguably, the most exciting. Balancing workloads as demand changes and spikes can be a real drain on IT resources. vSphere Predictive DRS aims to lessen this burden significantly. Through new self-learning and predictive analytics technology, it learns the details of your environment and can preemptively rebalance workloads automatically, before any spikes or other demand changes. We don’t need to tell you how useful this can be for companies that see regular demand spikes or have applications that need very low latency.

These are just four things that have jumped out at us after working with vSphere 6.5 for a few months now. Take a look at the full VMware release to learn more.

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Robert Pryor
Director of Professional Services
Key Information Systems, Inc.