7 Reasons Why Infrastructure as-a-Service for IBM i

KeyCloud IBM iCurrently there is a somewhat painful, yet obvious point, that there is not a lot of new talent running the IBM i operating system. While there is still a lot of business reliance on it, there are very few young people that are working on the IBM i operating system, IBM i hardware or the pieces that support it.

In addition, because IBM i is such an enclosed system with an embedded database in it, it is very difficult and expensive to try and move applications out. Generally speaking, the workloads that run on the IBM i operating system are usually ERP, payroll, EDI or some kind of substantial application that has run the core business for 10-20-30 years. These applications are extremely reliable but are very large. Because these systems have been so “bomb proof,” there hasn’t been a need to replace them, and even if there were ever a desire to switch, it was most likely not cost-justified.

For many businesses facing these scenarios, you are somewhat stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is where it becomes advantageous to leverage a cloud provider like Key Information Systems. Below are 7 reasons why:

  1. Additional Management and Flexible Resources

Most businesses have operators who run the day-to-day tasks but are lacking when it comes to the more complex items. KeyInfo takes care of the major operating system upgrades, patching, system maintenance, configuring of core pieces etc. This give your business the peace of mind of knowing you can rely on your same staff to run the IBM i operating system, with the additional management and resources of a large cloud provider.

  1. Hardware Refresh Cycles

Generally speaking, clients will refresh their hardware every 3-5 years. After an IBM i hardware system reaches 3 years, there is a cost to maintain the system (actual server and the software running on it). The longer you let the IBM i system go, the more expensive that maintenance becomes, and at a certain point it just makes sense to buy a whole new system. When you do that, there is a big uplift, a treacherous system migration and others things that must be completed. Because of the way we are configured at KeyInfo, we prepare, plan and implement the new hardware platforms in our system, making the client’s migration seamless.

  1. Live Partition Mobility

LPM allows us to “hot” move IBM i from one server to another while the systems are running. Unlike many 3rd part software vendors, we support LPM and can do it in the cloud.

  1. All Flash Storage

For us, having all flash and solid state storage means that we never run into concerns about storage performance. We are able to dial it up or down based on the client’s requirements.

  1. Zero Downtime Backups

Because of our external storage, we have the ability to take a backup of the system live, without ever bringing down the system. With flash copy backups, we provide daily fulls and the best backup you can get out of the system, in a way that lets you recover any data you want.

  1. Ability to Bolt on Disaster Recovery

Our established disaster recovery solution provides storage replication to another data center out of state. We get a full replica of the entire production system, available in the DR site with very little maintenance, care and feeding compared to other DR solutions. When production is hosted and configured with us, we can recover in an hour, helping you achieve a tighter RPO and RTO. Enabling DR is as simple as adding one partition to into the mix.

  1. Flexible Networking Model

We accommodate all clients, whether they want to connect over VPN, MPLS, Point-to-Point, Internet or anything else.


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Drew Woods
Key Information Systems