Analyzing and/or diagnosing an illness is no small task. Making the right call can mean all the difference to the ill and their family, while being wrong, can cause grave consequences. Because of the importance of accuracy in the healthcare industry, everyone from doctors, to hospitals, to insurance companies are relying more and more on […]

According to an IDG 2018 Cloud Computing Study, it is estimated that 77% of organizations use cloud services with the average enterprise using up to almost 1,000 applications. While the process of achieving digital transformation and modernized IT infrastructure through the cloud seems like a no-brainer, the concept of cloud migration is not so simple. […]

  Although there are still questions around blockchain storage, the popularity and hype surrounding the technology continues to gain momentum. IDC predicts that blockchain storage technology will hit $12.4 billion in worldwide spending by 2022. While this rate of growth is ever expanding, many companies still don’t fully understand all the details of this technology […]

A recent study in the Journal of Informatics in Health and Biomedicine revealed that when the electronic health records (EHR) system goes down in a hospital, it can increase the length of surgeries and the patient’s resulting postoperative length of stay. It cannot be stressed enough how vital system uptime and availability is in the […]

Enterprises are reinvigorating their data with the resiliency and flexibility of the cloud. For many, there are still critical applications, homegrown systems and other specialized workloads that may give CIOs pause before making the jump to the cloud. Fortunately, IBM i hosting with the cloud tackles many of the concerns may arise as you increase […]

The AV-Test Institute, an independent research organization, reported the team discovers more than 350,000 new malware samples every day. That is an overwhelming statistic for the IT team tasked with trying to keep an organization, and its data, secure. Many security experts agree that with the threat landscape as healthy as it is, and the […]

Cloud technology has many use cases across a variety of industries and that number continues to grow. At KeyInfo alone we service the healthcare, education, software, logistics, transportation, retail, environmental industries and more. While legacy applications work for some, others look for a more modern, hybrid cloud approach. Regardless of the issue, there is a […]

By this point, most healthcare organizations know at least certain aspects of their business will move to the cloud, if they haven’t already. At the same time, there are likely some aspects of your technology that you’d like to keep in house. Hybrid IT solutions, then, are a great way to get the most efficient […]