The drivers that are leading healthcare organizations to look at cloud and managed service options are many of the same that drive organizations in any industry: cost savings, simplified data management, and increased flexibility and scalability. As discussed in part 1 of this series, HIPAA compliance means that healthcare companies often need a few more […]

When you think about healthcare and data, the first thing that likely comes to mind is HIPAA. Ever since it was enacted in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has had a large say in how healthcare organizations treat sensitive patient data. From the time you’re checked in, to any procedures or imaging […]

Companies use applications for every task imaginable. As applications have become increasingly efficient and able to do more and more, the number of applications organizations deployed has grown significantly. Of course, as the number of applications grows, managing them is also becoming a more difficult task. It doesn’t end with increasing application numbers, though. Companies […]

When it comes to your most critical data, any risk at all is almost too much. For healthcare companies, it could be MRI images or personal patient data. For financial services, it could be everything about your customers’ portfolio. For media, it could be your latest feature film or a game under development. Whatever your […]

Converge Technology Partners recently acquired BlueChipTek, a leading technology solutions provider located in the Silicon Valley region of California Agoura Hills, CA – May 21, 2018 – Converge Technology Partners Inc. has announced today that is has acquired BlueChipTek Inc., an Information Technology Professional Services organization serving some of the fastest growing and market disruptive companies […]

By now, you’ve likely heard the term hyperconvergence. Basically, hyperconverged infrastructure is a software-centric model where compute, networking, virtualization and storage are tightly integrated in one box. As you also probably know, there are plenty of solutions out there looking to fill your every hyperconverged need. Today we want to focus on a solution from […]

When the topic of network monitoring and analytics comes up, the thoughts of most IT professionals go to one place: applications. With most companies having a dizzying array of applications to keep track of, application monitoring, mapping and security has become an increasingly impossible task. With this in mind, we thought it would be timely […]

Companies in all industries are dealing with an explosion in the amount of data they have to manage. This is especially true for healthcare organizations. With electronic patient records, patient tests and scans, and other information constantly being created and changed, it can be tough to keep up. On top of that, healthcare organizations face […]

Simply put, data is revolutionizing the way companies use technology. It’s not surprising, then, that IBM Think 2018 spent a lot of time focused on how to best manage and gain insights from all the data companies are collecting. The conference was new this year, and merged several IBM events that were held separately in […]

Currently there is a somewhat painful, yet obvious point, that there is not a lot of new talent running the IBM i operating system. While there is still a lot of business reliance on it, there are very few young people that are working on the IBM i operating system, IBM i hardware or the […]