The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) debuted on IBM i 5.4. The article “Intrusion Detection on System i” ( from the August 2007 issue of this magazine outlined various types of attacks and network events and revealed a means of auditing for such events. It covered IP fragments, malformed packets, synchronization (SYN) floods, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)-redirect messages, perpetual echo, restricted IP options and restricted IP protocols. It also addressed traffic-regulation anomalies, fast scans and the more dangerous slow scan.

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A decade ago, our biggest IT concerns were such things as processor frequency, memory and storage capacity and network bandwidth. Today we’re more concerned with improving productivity through virtualization, optimization, energy stewardship, and flexible sourcing. We need to provide high availability and quality of existing services, but also meet customer expectations for real-time, dynamic access to innovative new services. […]