Key Partners with IBM’s ISS…
…to provide IT security services infrastructure with the new IBM Internet Security Systems division (ISS). Regulatory and PCI compliance continues to grow in both importance and cost. At the same time, exposure to liability and threats from inadequate security is increasing – from catastrophic downtime to non-compliance penalties associated with industry and government mandates.

Virtualization: IBM Adds SAN to Blade Server Chassis
Key’s president, Lief Morin, was quoted extensively about the significance of IBM’s change to the BladeCenter S – making available a new switch module that turns existing direct-attach storage into a storage area network, or SAN.

Key commissioned an experienced market survey organization to find the answers to ten central questions regarding how US organizations are combating security threats to their data and networks. The final report, Key’s 2008 User Survey: Trends in Data & Network Security, will be available in August.

The enterprise information technology (IT) landscape is populated with opportunities and challenges. For decades, server and storage solutions have been the engines powering a multitude of business efficiencies and company profits. More importantly, as these solutions continue to evolve, they offer organizations an ever-growing number of technological means to achieve new ends. But even as enterprise technologies improve within, […]

Modern CPUs from both Intel and AMD contain a hardware execution layer called a hypervisor. The hypervisor is a hardware speedup mechanism what allows modern-day virtualization software to operate at very near stand-alone speeds, as if it were only running one OS at any given time.

The question is asked by Senior Reporter from Forbes Andy Greenberg, who attended the security industry’s big annual confab, the RSA Conference, and wrote up an article aptly titled ‘Virtualization Dark’s Side‘.