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  • KeyINSights January 2020 Newsletter

    Converge Technology Solutions Achieves Master Services Competency for VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services; The Wall Street Resource Webcast featuring Shaun Maine CEO and John Flores EVP; Improving Security Integration and Automation in Multi-Cloud Environments; Microsoft Bids Farewell to Windows 7 and the Traditional Windows Era; Multicloud Advantages and Disadvantages: Is it the right strategy for your business?

  • KeyINSights November 2019 Newsletter

    Converge Technology Solutions Corp. Acquires VSS, LLC; Using Virtualization Concepts to Eliminate Wasteful Redundant Data; Cisco Restructuring To 'Strongly Position The Company Against Our Competitors'; Here is how IBM’s Data Scientists Look at the Data-Driven Future; How To Ensure Hybrid Cloud Security with Secure Endpoints


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