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Advanced Analytics

KeyInfo's Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence perform and/or augment tasks, help better inform decisions, and accomplish objectives that have traditionally required human intelligence. Our ability to identify, define and deliver these solutions help our clients achieve success in business intelligence, artificial intelligence, application development and machine learning.

Why work with KeyInfo? We have 25 years in data warehousing, business intelligence, planning and predicting. Our team of 20 dedicated and 30 contracted analytic resources cover both IBM and non-IBM technologies in addition to offering sales, service, support, managed services, managed products and staff augmentation solutions.

Contact us today to speak with a specialist that can help you reach your analytics initiatives.

Business Intelligence

  • Accelerating and improving decision-making
  • Optimizing internal business processes
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Driving new revenues
  • Gaining competitive advantage over business rivals
  • Assisting companies in the identification of market trends
  • Spotting business problems that need to be addressed

Artificial Intelligence

  • Perceive the world and collect data
  • Analyze and understand the information collected
  • Make informed decisions and provide guidance based on analysis
  • Adapt capabilities based on experience rather than hard-coded rules

Application Development

  • Assessing the work and understanding application modernization
  • Utilizing DevOps and development
  • Application configuration and automation tools
  • New cloud-native application development

Machine Learning

  • Enabling computers to see images and videos
  • Enabling computers to listen and talk
  • Enabling computers to interpret human language
  • Enabling computers to find information and insights
  • Enabling computers to drive
  • Enabling computers to move

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