Airtight Disaster Recovery with KeyInfo and Switch

Switch Data Center SpecificationsWhen it comes to your most critical data, any risk at all is almost too much. For healthcare companies, it could be MRI images or personal patient data. For financial services, it could be everything about your customers’ portfolio. For media, it could be your latest feature film or a game under development.

Whatever your critical data encompasses, it likely has some similarities: multiple people need access to it in different locations, it has to be secure in transit and at rest, and it absolutely, positively can’t go down. There is also one more certainty: the volume of this critical data is growing at a pretty fast clip.

Object storage has stepped up to provide an inexpensive way to store and manage your critical data archives. But how do you make sure object storage meets the critical needs discussed above: Secure in transit, secure at rest, and bulletproof?

KeyInfo’s Object Storage as a Service (STaaS) can set those fears aside. It automatically encrypts data in flight and at rest, while providing automatic replication. But how can you be sure your data is secure, and available?

KeyInfo recently partnered with Switch to offer another level of security and availability for customers with strict data needs. For those who don’t know, Switch’s core focus is designing, constructing and operating the most advanced data centers in the world — up to 2.4 million square feet of Tier 5 Gold data center space, to be exact.

Through this partnership with Switch, we guarantee customers 100 percent uptime. How? It starts with features like three-site redundancy, by automatically replicating data across Switch’s Reno, Las Vegas and Grand Rapids data centers. So, if one data center has a problem, your data is still secure in two other facilities that are a safe distance away.

The possibility of a Switch data center going down is infinitesimally small, however. Think of any possible data center detail, no matter how obscure. Got one? Switch has thought of it, too. Power outage? Switch has triple-redundant power supplies. Cooling malfunction? Switch deploys uninterruptible cooling features. Leaky roof? Let’s let Switch’s own documentation explain that one:

“Switch SHIELD data center roofing system includes two independent, redundant and individually rated 200 mph steel roof systems that are 100 percent penetration free and forever maintainable.”

We think this partnership with Switch provides customers the most secure, available storage, archiving, and backup available, at a competitive price point. Not only will it keep your critical data safe, combined with our STaaS, it can save you money, too. Like Switch and KeyInfo, that’s a combination we can get behind.

To learn more about KeyCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service, click here.


Drew Woods
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Key Information Systems