The business expansion secret hiding in your data center

Business Expansion - Data CenterCompanies today have access to more data than ever before – from sources such as mobile devices, social media, enterprise applications and the growing Internet of Things (IoT) – and there are virtually unlimited opportunities to leverage that data to expand the business.

The key to getting the full value out of data is gleaning insights that can lead to new revenue streams, more effective customer engagements and faster decision making. With today’s data analytics capabilities and the availability of cloud services, enterprises stand to optimize their data resources like never before.

IBM Power Systems, which accelerate big data insights and hybrid cloud deployment, can provide the infrastructure organizations need to gain valuable insights about market trends, customer preferences and buying patterns in order to stay well ahead of the competition.

With IBM Power Systems, businesses can integrate and analyze multiple data sources in real time. Armed with this insight, they can create and deliver customized offerings. The IBM solution provides servers that were developed with open technologies and designed to handle critical business applications and big data workloads—in a secure environment.

Because these systems operate in a private cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure, companies can take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer, including reliability, availability, flexibility and high performance.

Given the competitive nature of business today, with customers expecting faster response times at all hours of the day, companies need to have the IT environment in place to deliver what users are looking for. Relying solely on the traditional data center, with its more limited scalability and the inability to address rapid changes in business demands, will not enable enterprises to support the new business models they need today.

Solutions such as IBM Power Systems, with OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation, allow companies to speed up the transformation of their IT infrastructure while offering flexibility, reliability high performance during the transition.

We’ve found that IBM is constantly looking for ways to enhance its offering to keep up with changing developments in the market and technological innovations in cognitive computing. For example, in future iterations of IBM Power Systems, customers can expect to see general improvements in the hypervisor, continued support to provision virtual environments for a hybrid mix of on- and off-premises resources, enhanced core and chip architecture for emerging workloads, and a premier acceleration platform that’s designed to be open.

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Scott PondScott Pond
Chief Technical Officer

Key Information Systems, Inc.