Organizations have been moving rapidly to the cloud for some time now, and the pandemic has only accelerated this effort. The advantages of cloud are many: ubiquitous access to apps and data, unlimited storage capacity, deep redundancy and resilience — all without having to buy, deploy and maintain on-premises equipment. A multicloud approach brings additional […]

  For years, we’ve been hearing how the rise of VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) was imminent and each year was “the year” for remote enabling technology. Enterprises have always been hesitant to invest in VDI as they worried that working from home would result in lesser productivity. Then COVID-19 happened and VDI suddenly became a […]

Like most events this year, IBM Think moved from an in-person conference to a virtual one due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It was held May 5-6, 2020, but sessions are still available on-demand. I’d like to draw particular attention to the keynote given by IBM CEO Arvind Krishna — while he believes the pandemic […]

Whether you’re reading a newspaper, watching television or browsing the internet, you cannot get away from headlines talking about COVID-19 and what it’s done to the countries, economies and people it has affected. While we’ve tried our best to stay away from the fear mongering and ambulance chasing that has been widely publicized, it would […]

In 2020, experts and analysts predict that around 90% of organizations will put some form of hybrid cloud strategy into production. While cloud has been talked about for many, many years, both positively and negatively, the mass majority of organizations still haven’t taken that leap of faith. There are a variety of different reasons for […]

Speaking to a crowd at NetApp’s Insight event in London, Senior Vice President of the Cloud Business Unit, Anthony Lye, was quoted saying, “(Digital) Transformation is the most important thing, and probably the most significant and scary thing, that all of your companies face today.” The purpose of digital transformation is to achieve ongoing IT […]

It is no secret that the cloud has made positive impacts on business costs, scalability and reliability, oftentimes freeing up numerous IT resources. In today’s everchanging technological climate, everyone from small, to medium, to large enterprise has access to the latest and greatest in cloud-based tools and applications – something that we did not see […]

Analyzing and/or diagnosing an illness is no small task. Making the right call can mean all the difference to the ill and their family, while being wrong, can cause grave consequences. Because of the importance of accuracy in the healthcare industry, everyone from doctors, to hospitals, to insurance companies are relying more and more on […]

According to an IDG 2018 Cloud Computing Study, it is estimated that 77% of organizations use cloud services with the average enterprise using up to almost 1,000 applications. While the process of achieving digital transformation and modernized IT infrastructure through the cloud seems like a no-brainer, the concept of cloud migration is not so simple. […]