Posted by on January 13, 2015 Even though it’s a common association, the term “cloud” doesn’t always mean public. In recent history many enterprises have found value in building private cloud infrastructure. Private infrastructure doesn’t have the same elasticity, but what it may lack in scalability, it makes up for in security and governance. The […]

Posted by Clayton Weise on January 08, 2015 There are many cloud vendors and resellers in the marketplace that purport to offer an enterprise grade solution.  So what does it really mean to be “enterprise grade?”  Here are six questions to ask and some explanations and details behind each. 1. Can they guarantee a performance […]

Posted by Chris Ticknor on January 06, 2015 There’s nothing like the clean slate of a new year. As data center pros kick off 2015, it’s the perfect time to evaluate not only what your team has been doing, but also what you’ve been getting from your managed service provider (MSP) – and whether it’s […]