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Maximizing Clinical Value at Minimum Cost The TeraMedica Healthcare Technology Evercore Clinical Enterprise Suite of software modules can connect and manage the digital image infrastructure of a healthcare system from the imaging device or PACS to the electronic health record (EHR) and the clinical desktop. Multi-department, multi-facility healthcare providers generate tens of terabytes of data annually. In most cases, this data is fragmented across departmental PACS systems […]

Maximum Complex Clinical Input Problem No other solution available. Our patented solution is unique in the world. There are no other methods of maximizing clinical inputs that complete the true patient record. There are no other solutions that are engineered to not only exist, but thrive in a world where an average hospital is expected to have multiple petabytes of data. A […]

Robust and efficient VNA medical archiving solutionfrom IBM and TeraMedica Reduced IT complexity, shared access to digital content and improved clinical workflows On a smarter planet, healthcare providers deliver more personalized patient care, higher quality medical insights and efficiencies that yield results. Systems that are increasingly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent create electronic health records that put information to work for more […]

BRIDGING THE CHASM VOLUME ONE The Healthcare Environment Snapshot Traditionally, the implementation of Information Technology in the healthcare industry has been a reactive process. The process of delivering healthcare is a physical, personal procedure; therefore, lack of IT adoption is not unusual. The first Hospital Information Systems (HIS) software were installed due to the need for insurance companies to track […]

Abstract Learn about Voice over Internet Protocol, the new standard for managing voice, data and other forms of information within a larger IT context, allowing convergence of voice telephony to converge with data to achieve new forms of communication within the enterprise. Bottom Line An understanding of the new VoIP technology is essential to controlling […]

An in-depth report of technologies and strategies to help managers of IBM i (i5/OS) and AIX environments move their organization to new levels of business continuity Executive Summary Due to globalization, Web-based sales and service, more vigorous competition, and more stringent regulations, the goal of ensuring the availability and recoverability of data and applications has risen considerably on the priority lists […]

The reputation and legacy of IBM’s midgrange computers, from the earliest System 38 to today’s Power Systems servers, is reliability. That reliability is in great part due to the journaling feature that has been present in all variations of its operating system. By journaling, that is, by keeping a running record of every transaction, every system event and configuration […]

How New Technologies Are Making Data Recovery, Protection  and High Availability Easier and More Affordable Downtime and data loss pose intolerable risks to every business today. From IT departments to the Board Room, managers have seen the importance of business uptime and data protection to continued success, productivity and profitability. This white paper will provide a road map to the most […]

Get to know the core components of HA solutions and important installation considerations. Every company faces critical hours when system downtime is unwelcome—whether it’s planned or unplanned. One company’s important hours might only be from 9-to-5, while for another it’s 24×7. Increasingly, shops that were able to accommodate some periods of downtime for backups and system maintenance are finding that […]

Vision Solutions leads the IBM Power Systems market with innovations in availability, recovery, and systems and data management technologies. Our solutions combine with numerous best practices, and the latest IBM technologies, to usher in a new era of IT resilience that we call Resilience 2.0. What does Resilience 2.0 mean for you? Any Budget. New data resilience options exist for […]