KeyInfo and Virtual Instruments Elevate Cheetah Software Service in the Cloud



Bobby DarrollChuck Farner | President and CEO of Cheetah Software


Cheetah Software helps corporations deliver their customers’ products to the right place at the right time for the lowest cost on time. Cheetah runs 365 days a year 24/7 with customers looking at this data live. “We believe that KeyInfo has the ability to work side-by-side with us to monitor and know what’s going on with the cloud infrastructure and help us head off any potential problems coming up ahead of us.” – Bobby Darroll, President and CEO of Cheetah Software.

Key Information Systems, Inc. (KeyInfo) has been in business since 1999 providing mission critical infrastructure to corporate clients around the United States.

The Problem

Cheetah needed somebody who is looking at the ecosystem of the cloud and monitoring it and making sure that customers can access their systems from anywhere, at any time, all the time. Most clients, when they’re looking at cloud services for their crown jewels, don’t want to turn virtual systems up and then turn them off. They want to turn them on and then leave them on for years at a time. The clients who are most interested in this kind of environment are healthcare companies, finance companies, companies in logistics and distribution companies, companies who cannot afford even one minute of down time. In a zero downtime environment, having enterprise-grade technologies built on enterprise-grade servers and enterprise-grade storage is the only option for keeping your environment up and running 24 by 7. Anything less than that and your business is exposed.

“We’ve had a long relationship with KeyInfo… We feel really happy with the team and the infrastructure that we need to be successful in the market.”

The Criteria

“We not only need a partner who can provide a technology base, we need a partner who when things do go awry, they are there and understand our business and work side-by-side with us as one unit. KeyInfo really provides that level of partnership.” – Bobby Darroll, president and CEO of Cheetah Software.In an ever-changing virtualized environment the ability to manage, monitor and guarantee performance to the entire infrastructure is absolutely imperative. The VirtualWisdom platform provides that visibility and provides those guarantees.

The Result

“We’ve had a long relationship with KeyInfo, the partnership we’ve had has historically been excellent. We feel really happy with the team and the infrastructure that we need to be successful in the market.” – Bobby Darroll, president and CEO of Cheetah Software.

“When deciding on the architecture to deploy our cloud product the Virtual Instruments product line, the Virtual Instruments’ technology was a no-brainer. Having that enterprise-grade management and monitoring technology was obvious and immediately beneficial to the environment. In any infrastructure workloads are changing by the minute and by the day, they are changing by the week and the ability to deliver performance guarantees is provided by the VirtualWisdom appliance. The VirtualWisdom IPM platform was extremely easy to deploy. Our engineers had it up and running within a couple of hours providing data and feedback about our virtual environment on a real time basis and actually identifying challenges and enabling us to avoid challenges immediately.

Virtual Instruments has been a great partner to work with, providing on-site capabilities with engineers who are second to none, very knowledgeable, friendly and engaging in assisting us in deploying these environments. The technical support we’ve received has been world class. The future of the cloud is really the hybrid cloud. The ability to blend those and have a common goal of infrastructure performance management environments is absolutely paramount to the future of technology deployments.

The VirtualWisdom platform is unique in that it allows us to measure and monitor performance and reliability across a heterogeneous infrastructure environment. It definitely provides a competitive differentiator actually elevating service and availability characteristics in that cloud form. The VirtualWisdom IPM platform enables us to not only identify challenges but actually to predict them and to prevent them from happening in the first place.” – Lief Morin, President of Key Information Systems, Inc.