Time is of the essence: bringing real time analytics to your data

Cisco Tetration Analytics“Big data” is all the rage these days. Every organization from major league baseball teams, to political campaigns, to large corporations are using data analytics to gain insights into their users, customers and business. Isn’t it about time that this type of analytics made its way to your data center?

Unlike baseball teams or political campaigns, however, using data analytics to provide insight into your data center operations has faced a big hurdle: timing. A baseball team can afford to analyze whether a player is a fit for their team over a couple weeks. A political campaign has time to determine strategies for attracting voters. Your data center needs to act on information immediately. Data that’s two weeks old may as well be centuries old.

That’s where KeyInfo partner Cisco’s Tetration data analytics solution can really help companies supercharge their data centers through the use of data and their networks. Let’s take a quick look at three ways Tetration can help your data center be more efficient with timely data analytics.

Identify issues in real time

Most data centers use multiple solutions that target various areas. For example, you probably have several applications that touch customer sales data. When you try to gain insights into how these apps are performing, then, you likely have to gather data from the different apps, make sure it all correlates and get it into a usable format before you can even begin to analyze it. Not only is this method decidedly not “real time,” it’s also prone to errors.

Tetration solves this problem by being able to monitor all data flows from the different apps in real time. (It actually has hardware and software sensors for the task.) With this real-time information, it creates an end-to-end data center operations dashboard. What’s more, its artificial intelligence capabilities and its information from the network allow it to detect anomalies and performance issues, and where they’re originating, much quicker than previously possible.

Identify issues predictively

What’s better than real-time analytics? Predicting issues before they happen. If your business is like most others, end users often end up reporting problems with applications before the IT team is even aware of them. Waiting for issues to reach users, of course, wastes valuable resources and puts IT in the position of reacting instead of acting.

Tetration’s visual display lets IT see what potential performance issues and vulnerabilities are — and where they are — before end users are affected. So, for example, if an application is being tested, most problems can be seen, and solved, before it goes live in the production environment.

Identify issues with dependencies

Of course, to be truly prepared, IT needs to be able to simulate issues that aren’t even on the radar yet. Piggybacking on our previous example, let’s say your organization is considering changing the performance specs on one of its sales apps to let more users in. This, potentially, opens up many cans of worms, and other potential bugs, as it’s tough to be sure how the changes will affect your system.

Tetration is a great tool for simulating these situations before you ever make them live on your systems. This lets you predict any potential issues, moving your IT department even further from that inefficient, stressful reactive mode.

Being a certified Cisco reseller, we may be just a little biased, but we think Tetration is one of the best data center analytics solution on the market. It’s the only one that gives you this level of real time, and better, actionable results. As Cisco’s website says, Tetration can help your company “get actionable insight in less than a second.” As anyone in IT knows, that’s the only acceptable timeframe when the data center and the network are involved.

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Chris Ticknor
Director of Marketing
Key Information Systems