3 ways Cisco’s AppDynamics acquisition can improve your cloud strategy

Cisco AppDynamicsAt the time Cisco acquired AppDynamics, it was one of the company’s biggest software acquisitions in recent history, at $3.7 billion. A purchase of that size, understandably, takes some time to integrate and optimize. Now that the dust has settled a bit, it’s become more clear just how AppDynamics’ truly exciting technology will be integrated into Cisco offerings.

We don’t think it’s exaggerating to say that it has the potential to affect cloud strategies for companies across the globe. So, how can your company best utilize what the combined technology has to offer? Let’s look at three ways Cisco’s AppDynamics acquisition, and the technology it’s bringing to the forefront, can improve what you’re able to do in the cloud.

Break down silos

One of the major issues most companies deal with is that their data is siloed, by application, by location, by any number of barriers. Sure, these siloes make it difficult to manage your data, but more importantly, they can make it virtually impossible to use your data for its main purpose: to gain insights into your business and ultimately make it more efficient and customer friendly. One of the things that made AppDynamics’ technology so valuable to Cisco is its ability to break down these silos, and analyze data no matter where it lives.

Choose any cloud strategy, and change it

With data silos gone, your company can gain unprecedented visibility into its applications. This gives you the flexibility to choose the cloud strategy that will work best for your business. Whether it’s private cloud, public cloud, a hybrid model, or even multicloud environments, your visibility into your applications, how they’re performing and the data they’re generating will be unaffected.

What’s more, you will have the information available to change your cloud strategy as your application needs change. If s certain application isn’t performing efficiently on one cloud platform, AppDynamics’ and Cisco’s analytics can let you know in real time. This allows you to almost constantly revisit your cloud allocations, and change them to make sure you’re running as efficiently as possible.

“Systems of records to systems of engagement”

We’ll end with the above quote from David Wadhwani, CEO of AppDynamics, that hints at what Cisco and AppDynamics are hoping to accomplish in the near future. Rather than simply recording information and storing it in a database to be looked at later, companies can start to gain real-time insights into their data. This should mean that with automation, machines can make decisions in real time, based on the data coming in. As David said, this is a little ways off, but it is a truly exciting concept.

The question then becomes, how do you use Cisco and AppDynamics’ technology to make your cloud strategy the best it can be? It can help to have a partner. As a certified Cisco reseller and strategic business partner, we at KeyInfo know the ins and outs of the wide range of solutions that Cisco offers, and how they can best be put into practice. So, drop us a line and take the first step towards enhancing your cloud strategy with all the AppDynamics has brought to Cisco’s portfolio.


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Christopher Ticknor
Director of Marketing
Key Information Systems