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Save money by migrating, deploying and provisioning your technology workloads in the cloud

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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration


Save money by migrating, deploying and provisioning your technology workloads in the cloud.

Operations and Resiliency

You don’t want to be in the business of buying and managing hardware. Let us provide you with a resilient architecture that eliminates your headaches.

Business Value

We’ll provide advanced database services that you cannot get anywhere but the cloud.

What is your motivation for migrating to the cloud? What business problem are you trying to solve for?

Cloud Migration - Check boxCost Reduction
Cloud Migration - Check boxEnabling Computing Capacity
Cloud Migration - Check boxFreeing IT Staff
Cloud Migration - Check boxGaining a Competitive Business Advantage

What are your fears in the decision making process?

Cloud Migration - Check boxLosing Control of Data
Cloud Migration - Check boxData Mining
Cloud Migration - Check boxTrust

If you checked one or more boxes, you aren’t alone. Backed by IBM Power Systems, see the boxes that KeyInfo checks off, guaranteeing we provide you with a seamless cloud migration.

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IBM Platinum Mark

The best way to avoid an airplane crash is to avoid an airplane crash

We’ve built our cloud based on enterprise class servers, storage and network platforms that are designed to support scale-up workloads. This ensures that applications that are not written to take advantage of scale-out technologies will exist in that highly available enterprise-class world.

With a scale-up code base, things like CPU de-allocation, memory chip kill, advanced diagnostics and other proactive monitoring measurement technologies are absolutely crucial to making sure your workloads are alive all the time. KeyInfo invests our dollars into an infrastructure that is designed to mask failures from the application or avoid those types of failures altogether. We protect against affecting the application, operating system and data by designing a system and architecture that best fits your enterprise class environments.

How can KeyInfo help you migrate all of that data from Point A to Point B?

Services are an integrated part of cloud migration. It is all about the doing the planning, staging, connectivity and application testing in advance, so that the environment doesn’t break during the actual migration. With KeyInfo you receive:

Resiliency | Services: IaaS, BRaaS, DRaaS, CMaaS | Communications | Security | Elasticity | Geographical Presence

Need assistance? Learn more about how our Professional Services Professionals can help creates a seamless cloud migration for your company.

Cloud Migration - PSG

Solutions Provider

Key Information Systems, Inc. is a leading regional systems integrator with world-class compute, storage and networking solutions and professional services for the most advanced software-defined data centers. For over a decade, KeyInfo has been a leading premier business partner of such leading technology providers as IBM, HPE, Cisco and more. We offer the industry’s best systems by combining advanced technology services and products, delivering bottom-line results and long-term business value for our clients. Choose a button below and see how KeyInfo can help you succeed with the latest technological innovations on the market.