Video files and object storage: a match made in the cloud

Video Files and Object StorageIf you work in any area of IT, you’re already acutely aware of how your company’s data is expanding. One of the data types that’s growing and changing the most is video and other media. While this growth is especially prominent in the media and entertainment industries, it’s not limited to them.

Sure, media and entertainment create a large amount of video and audio files as part of their mission to provide information to viewers. Video is becoming more crucial for a range of organizations, however, from healthcare to education to general business. “How-to” videos from educators, camera footage from surgeries or law enforcement bodycams, and videos for advertising purposes just scratch the surface of the content that organizations are generating.

As video becomes a more prominent way to present information, storing it using traditional means has become a challenge. Until recently, block and file storage systems were the only options. We don’t need to tell you that they aren’t ideal for the amount of video data many organizations are generating — they can be expensive, and can have trouble with the type of scaling large data loads require.

Now, object storage is a real option. With cloud object storage as a service (STaaS), your company can gain control of those expanding video data loads. It offers almost unlimited capacity, and lets you scale without constant reconfiguring. Beyond that, it simplifies the management of your storage needs, and now can even provide cost benefits.

For any company that generates a lot of video or audio content, object storage is worth investigating. But where do you begin? Here are a few resources to help you get started.

The three trends driving enterprises to cloud object storage: This blog discusses industry trends that are making STaaS so appealing.

How to fix your data growth problems with object storage: This Data Center Knowledge article looks at the case for object storage.

Healthcare object storage supports growing unstructured data: Learn more about how healthcare organizations are using cloud object storage in this HIT Infrastructure article.

STaaS – Storage as-a-service from KeyInfo: Download this e-book to learn more about our STaaS offerings.

These links just scratch the surface of the information available for those considering object storage. Check them out, then when you’re ready, take our cloud assessment to see how the cloud can help your business and visit our cloud object storage page for more information.


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Drew Woods
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Key Information Systems