Cloud vs. Tape Backup: Part 2 — Managing your Data

Data ManagementIn Part 1 of this series we discussed how as-a-service cloud backup options can be superior to tape when it comes to security, particularly within the “air gap” concept. To complete the series, it’s important to look at the more day-to-day aspects, including managing backups and actually accessing them when they’re needed.

Write, ship, repeat

The whole process of traditional tape backup harkens back to an earlier day. When you run a backup of your system and write the tapes, you ship them off to the provider to store and keep secure. This is fine, but it requires a lot of manual effort to complete, even tasks as mundane as packing and shipping the tapes.

Then, if you have an incident and need to access those backups, the reverse has to happen. You request your tapes, they’re shipped to you, and you put it back on your network to restore what you need. This whole process is time consuming and outdated.

Removing management burdens

The data management aspect of backup and recovery is where BRaaS really shines. With a fully managed solution, your company can simply backup to the cloud automatically — on a schedule that is best for your business and industry — keeping this part of your infrastructure out of sight and out of mind. Backups happen and are uploaded to a secure data center while your IT team focuses on more business-critical tasks.

As you generate more data and need more storage space, the cloud expands with you. Working with a provider, you can choose a solution that fits your capacity and growth needs, as well as your technical, business, and compliance requirements. This level of flexibility and customization also tends to cut backup and recovery costs significantly.

And when you need to access your backups? It’s as simple as downloading it from the provider’s cloud and restoring. Instead of days, you have access to that backed up data in minutes.

Backup has come a long way since the days of tape. With the security benefits discussed in Part 1 of this series, and the management convenience cloud backup solutions, like KeyInfo, have built in, there’s no excuse not to leverage the cloud when it comes to backup.

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Drew Woods
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Key Information Systems