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Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking the Value of Data

At KeyInfo, we help simplify the way you think about Artificial Intelligence and the positive role it can play in your business. Artificial Intelligence allows your organization to scale its operations, people and expertise, while giving your workforce the time to focus on higher value and more engaging tasks that machines cannot do.

At KeyInfo, we specialize in cognitive computing, in which we design, build, and maintain applications that enable machines with cognitive abilities similar to those of humans. Our solutions help clients grow revenue, reduce costs and create new experience for their customers.

KeyInfo offers an end-to-end approach to AI - from strategic advisory, to application development and maintenance

KeyInfo Artificial Intelligence


Operationalize AI throughout the business

Analyze Artificial Intelligence


Build and scale AI with trust and explainability

Organizing Artificial Intelligence


Create a business-ready analytics foundation

Collecting Artificial Intelligence


Make data simple and accessible

How will Cognitive Computing impact your organization?

Today, the primary commercial uses for cognitive computing typically fall in three categories:

  • Virtual Engagement:  Creating human-like interaction with customers and employees
  • Cognitive Analysis and Insights:  Consuming massive volumes of data, detecting patterns, interpreting meaning and driving actions
  • Intelligent Process Automation:  Automating repetitive, time-consuming digital tasks

At KeyInfo, our approach is designed to minimize initial investment and prove ROI by focusing on solving a key business problem. We are vendor-agnostic and will fit a technology architecture to your needs and budget.

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