Business Intelligence

Accelerate and improve decision-making, optimize internal business process and increase operational efficiency

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Business Intelligence

By utilizing business intelligence and reporting tools, information lifecycle management and enterprise content management, KeyInfo enables its customers to transform information into actionable insights. We apply unique processes and expertise, along with industry best practices to help ensure predictability and transparency in your cognitive projects. You’ll have access to and support from our team of preeminent cognitive strategists and engineers.

Cognitive Analysis and Insights

Consume massive volumes of data, detect patterns, interpret meaning and act on it

Aggregate Insights

Find and aggregate insights from academic research, news sources, social media, legal briefings, resumes, equity reports, etc.

Image and Video Files

Sort through images and video to find relevant features

CRM Behavioral Data

Predict customer buying behavior or churn using CRM and behavioral data

Fraud Detection

Detect and identify anomalies and fraud

Computer AI Interpretation

Enabling computers to interpret human language

Virtual Engagement


  • Intelligent agents offer 24/7 customer support on a growing array of topics - over the phone, using computer voice, or online via chat bots
  • Virtual employee support related to HR policies, benefits and IT issues
  • Virtual sales assistants and shoppers guide customers to personalized recommendations
  • AI-based “skills” for Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other devices

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