Machine Learning

Produce actionable decisions and automated processes by simplifying predictive models, segmentation and natural language processing

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Machine Learning

Automate Enterprise Solutions

KeyInfo's Machine Learning Solutions produce actionable decision models and automate business processes. Our solutions simplify predictive models, classifications, segmentations and natural language processing. Teach applications to recognize and adjust to new file formats, read communications, understand intent and more, with limited human oversight.

KeyInfo focuses on Cognitive Computing, the subset of Artificial Intelligence that attempts to mimic human cognitive abilities such as speaking, listening and reasoning.

Computer Vision

Machine Learning Computer Vision

Enabling computers to see image and videos

Computer Voice

Machine Learning Computer Voice

Enabling computers to listen and talk

Natural Language

Machine Learning Natural Language

Enabling computers to interpret human language

Data & Insight Services

Machine Learning Data and Insight Services

Enabling computers to find information and insights

Autonomous Vehicles

Machine Learning Autonomous Vehicles

Enabling computers to drive

Smart Robotics

Machine Learning Robotics

Enabling computers to move

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