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Converge Cloud Offerings

Client infrastructure needs are no longer just met in the data center. Multi-cloud approach requires greater expertise and knowledge of both infrastructure and the applications that run on the infrastructure​. Converge can design, build, migrate, manage and operate across a wide variety of public, private and hybrid cloud products with around the clock support​.

Public Cloud

Converge Public Cloud

  • AWS Optimized Consumption Capabilities, Cloud Assessments, Professional and Managed Services
  • Google Cloud Compute Optimized Consumption
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Cloud Security, Migration Services and System Center Management

Private Cloud

Converge Private Cloud

  • Self-Service Customer Consumption capabilities for VMware, AIX and I5 OS Compute, numerous storage and network provisioning
  • National Datacenter Footprint

Hybrid Cloud

Converge Hybrid Cloud

  • VMware Cloud on AWS – MSP and Resell Capabilities – Professional services to support Initial Deploy and workload Migration
  • RedHat Apex Partnerships for Cloud Ops and Automation Capabilities
  • High Speed Direct Connect capability for Private and Public Cloud Interoperability

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