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Hybrid Cloud

Get the IT performance you need in a highly flexible and scalable model

Even with the rising use of cloud resources, organizations still choose to keep many of their applications and workloads on-premises - one of the main reasons that many organizations are shifting toward hybrid cloud as an approach to IT. With Converge’s Hybrid Cloud, you can be more selective about when and how to use cloud resources and traditional on-premises infrastructure.

It’s important to remember that a hybrid cloud is not in itself a technology, but more of a usage philosophy. The way you use, manage, and orchestrate on-premises, private, and public cloud resources is what defines a hybrid cloud.

Accelerate Application Deployment

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Shorten provisioning times to accelerate application development and deployment

Build an on-demand, elastic, scalable and full configured application development, testing, and hosting environment

Support DevOps with Automation

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Continuous delivery of infrastructure, configuration and applications

Move faster and remove walls to develop, deploy, fix and iterate solutions

Hybrid Integration

Integrate on-premise and cloud-based systems

Reliable enterprise messaging and connectivity

Integrate and sync system data into your SaaS applications

API creation and management, with built-in security and governance

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