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Converge Private Cloud

Better support for mission critical applications as well as your changing computer, network, storage and backup requirements

Converge’s Private Cloud solutions are perfect for organizations who are looking to modernize their data center or support changing business requirements in a flexible and scalable manner. As a strategic business partner and technology leader in cloud infrastructure, we will work with you to architect a private cloud solution that supports virtually any workload or IT need.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Local backups and DR for VMware Workloads

  • Local Veeam repository replicates to Converge DC repository using Veeam Cloud Connect function
  • Veeam backup
  • Customer owned Veeam licensing or Converge-provided Cloud licensing per VM
  • TB repository pricing
  • Recovery on Demand VMware resources & testing available to complete DR posture
  • Differentiate “Backup as a Service” vendors from true DRaaS
  • Delivered at scale within Converge DCs today (~5000 hosts, ~ 2.0PB of capacity)


IBM i Offering

Infrastructure as-a-Service for IBM i

  • Power 6 – Power 9 to support V5R4 to V7R4 – P05, P10, P20
  • Production, Test/Dev, QA, Archive
  • Restore-based recovery for tape or off-site replication of backup appliance (VTL) 
  • LPAR journal-based replication for HA failover to Converge Cloud HA Target LPAR (Q-EDD) 
  • 24x7 Remote Monitoring & engineering services providing service desk initiated, ticket-based support using industry best practices for remediation of alerts, system conditions, and vendor management for the IBM i platform & OS 

Our Solutions

Disaster Recovery


Despite all we know about how quickly disasters can happen and how devastating they can be to nay business, the vast majority of companies still don’t have a viable, properly tested disaster recovery plan. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service offers an affordable way to protect your critical systems and data while ensuring a quick, seamless recovery when unexpected events occur.

Backup and Recovery


Our Backup and Recovery as a Service includes the software, offsite storage and support, all in an enterprise-grade cloud environment, that provides massive scalability and guaranteed restorability. Our clients can expect reliable backup and recovery for your virtual, physical and cloud data.

Cloud Object Storage


Cloud Object Storage has near infinite capacity, allowing you to store a massive amount of data relatively inexpensively. Our solution has the potential to grow far beyond normal storage capacity, giving our clients the advantage of expanding their data storage without having to go through numerous configurations.

Cloud Monitoring


Our Cloud Monitoring as a Service allows our clients to analyze, shape and communicate the ongoing value that IT provides. By blending structured and unstructured data, quantifying real-time financial impacts, and minimizing the effects of outages, our solutions helps identify solutions that help IT to better align with business goals.