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Digital Transformation

Improve your operations with a leader in Digital Transformation

Companies are rapidly moving to the latest technologies to accelerate application development and deployment. Digital Transformation is not only key for the company but also for the customer experience, allowing firms to respond quickly and with great agility to their client’s needs. By focusing on delivering easy and effective customer experiences and building platforms that accelerate and scale, Converge's digital transformation allows our clients to continuously reinvent their business.

Digital Identity

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Our team of experts have a broad knowledge of identity management and access control allowing our clients to confidently confirm online identities. Our solutions create privacy, security and trust to help businesses avoid data breaches, financial loss and legal / social liabilities.

Design and Development

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Utilizing not only our design experts, but also our software engineers, enables Converge to offer a design and development service that helps our clients effectively interact with their customers, while also implementing the latest technical components to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

Vision and Ideation

Our creative and experienced experts provide a guide and direction, specific to your organization’s needs, that help to overcome obstacles you may have experienced in the past.

Strategy and Planning

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Through strategic planning and build-outs, Converge helps asses the size and scope of an organization’s initiatives while determining a specific roadmap for achieving your digital transformation goals.

Information Management

Understanding an organization’s information and data, the people sharing it and having integrity in both, is successful for any digital transformation process. At Converge we have a deep understanding of master data management, enterprise information architecture, metadata analysis, schema design, logical data models and more.


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Utilizing Converge’s Blockchain solutions, customers enjoy streamlined communications and transaction while taking full ownership of their online identity. Blockchain allows organizations to connect people and business practices in a new, powerful way.

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