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Staff Augmentation

Converge's Staff Augmentation adds trained and certified staff to support our client's long and short-term initiatives, based on the skills desired for certain projects. 

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Staff Augmentation Benefits

Better Control

Staff augmentation allows a business to closely manage its resources. Through this process, the organization maintains complete control over final product, allowing you to delegate who is given the most important tasks and who is given the minor projects.

Cost Effective

Augmenting your staff lets you pay for the work you need, when you need it, all the while avoiding the costs of investing in skill development for your current employees. You’ll save money in both the short and long term by bringing in a professional for smaller projects and avoiding the long term costly commitment of a year-round employee.

Production Time

Staff augmentation typically provides a quick and efficient solution for a project, with a strict deadline, that is in dire need of more resources. With a highly skilled person or persons in place, focused on a single project in which they specialize, an organization can expect fast turnaround times without sacrificing their quality of work.

Increased Knowledge and Expertise

Staff augmentation efficiently fills gaps by providing a certified, trained professional to bring their set of skills to that specific project to deliver the business’ desired results in a timely fashion. In addition to the increased knowledge of business practices and industry trends you’ll receive, augmenting staff also frees up time for full-time employees to complete other tasks.

Internal Integration

In most business cases, it is quicker and easier for an individual to adapt to an organization’s process than it is for two separate organizations to adapt to each other. Staff augmentation provides a more effective way to reach project completions internally, without the aid of an external team.

Staffing Flexibility

In some instances, augmenting staff helps the Human Resources team who may not have the knowledge of credentials and skills needed for the type of IT professional you are looking for. This process also cuts employee costs, liabilities and production downtime. Staff augmentation provides aid to an overworked team but also gives you the freedom to cut ties with an employee who may not be working out.