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The value of blockchain technology and the use of verifiable data means that the various communications and transactions that exist when dealing with different entities can be streamlined and improved. By implementing a blockchain model across a trusted network, it will connect people, businesses, business associates and government services in a new and powerful way.

Blockchain-enabled digital identity management will allow consumers to regain control of their data, secure it, and take full ownership of their online identity. The ability to manage Personal Identification Information (PII) is a key driver of consumers migrating to blockchain applications to engage with financial services, government services, gaming platforms and all other aspects of their digital lives in a single sign-on and secure data environment. Blockchain Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) solves corporate and government privacy management issues, in areas such as credit and financial information, anonymous access to services, and claim verification and management.

Centralized Ownership

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  • Store data from multiple systems into a centralized ledger
  • Accurately track production and distribution
  • Maintain complete records of digital history

Decentralized Ownership

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  • Reduce time and complexity of cross-boundary payments
  • Decentralized and trusted transactions
  • Quickly exchange information without an intermediary

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