Database Management Systems (DBMS) are the hidden engines behind some of a company’s most
critical information applications including Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting systems. Perhaps the most popular DBMS platform
currently in use today on the Windows® platform is Microsoft® SQL Server. With its ease of use,
high levels of scalability and reliability, and broad industry support, it is the solution of choice for
many customers. Because the type of information stored in these databases is critical to the
continued success of a company, it is imperative to adequately protect it in the event that the
unthinkable occurs – a major server outage or site-wide disaster.

Published: May 2006
Protecting the data assets stored by SQL is the first step to providing protection and the ability to recover quickly. The second step, which is most commonly overlooked in the initial phases of a recovery plan is protecting the application itself. While protecting the data is definitely the key to successful recovery, the data is of no use to a company if users are not able to access it to make critical decisions and keep the business moving forward. Double-Take®, from Double-Take Software, is the most relied-upon solution for real-time replication of critical data and automated failover for application availability. It allows for the complete recovery of any Microsoft® Windows application and the data associated with it – even Microsoft SQL Server and its databases. Many Double-Take customers replicate their SQL Server data across continents and oceans to provide nearly instantaneous recovery regardless of the cause of the outage.

Enhancing Your SQL Reporting Services Deployment With Double-Take ®